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webkid94’s Top 20 Anime


Apologies for a very short post. These are my top 20 favorite animes, and I was going to add a little more to this post besides just listing them but just in case some good series come around, I want to update this in a timely fashion. From #20-#1:

20. Kimi to Boku
19. Nazo no Kanojo X
18. UN-GO
17. Pandora Hearts
16. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
15. Kure-nai
14. Darker than BLACK (includes OVAs and Season 2)
13. Durarara!!
12. Mawaru Penguindrum
11. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
10. Ookiku Furikabutte
9. Chihayafuru
8. Tsuritama
7. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
6. Usagi Drop
5. Michiko to Hatchin
4. Code Geass
3. Steins;Gate
2. Baccano!
1. Natsume Yuujinchou


5 thoughts on “webkid94’s Top 20 Anime

  1. (grin) of those, I’ve only seen 6, two of those I dropped, and none of the remaining four would I put in my top 20. I DID like Usagi Drop and UN-GO. Of the others, some are on my ‘to watch’ list, though now I’m adding a couple more (such as Kure-nai).

    • Which did you drop? I’m curious lol, the other four would be?

      I know this list has a ton of recent animes but I’ve only been watching anime on a seasonal basis since spring of 2011.

      • I dropped Nazo no Kanojo X and Tsuritama. Neither I thought were bad, on the contrary they seemed well done. They just weren’t keeping my attention.

        The other four are Kimi to Boku, UN-GO, Usagi Drop and Natsume Yuujinchou. They are all very good shows, by the way (and I enjoyed Usagi Drop FAR more than I thought I would).

        Interestingly, given how long I’ve been watching anime, my “top ten” would probably be mostly stuff from the last ten years. Not sure why that is.

      • You totally should go back and watch them. They both are very similar: both have one really “out there” quirk, but besides that it’s down to earth (school romance in Nazo, friendship in Tsuritama). Seriously, those two really were the best of spring in my opinion.

        W-what…Natsume Yuujinchou is amazing. Like damn, I can see it not being a top 5 for most…but not even a top 10? This is a show that, unlike shounen series, actually gets better each season. Honestly, nothing comes close to it except Baccano and Steins;Gate, but these three are in a completely different world. Usagi Drop has the same qualities as Natsume, except I never ever want to be a parent heh so It loses out on being a 10 for that reason alone. UN-GO was one of the most under-rated series, and revived my faith in BONES after Soul Eater, Eureka Seven and the other over-rated junk which is why I appreciated Darker than BLACK cause it always made you think and wasn’t intent on feeding you answers. You may be right about KimiBoku, but looking through my anime list it was the one that stood out most, though I was thinking of adding Death Note. Still, I know this list will be changed so who knows what it’ll look like next season!

  2. “You may be right about ”

    Erk! There is no such thing! Whether or not a show belongs in your top ten is based only on your own appreciation of it and what you got out of it. 😉

    For me, a ‘top ten (or so)’ list would have to be shows that triggered a strong reaction out of me that others didn’t. For example, did the rest of the world disappear while I was watching it (Voices of a Distant Star, Howl’s Moving Castle), or in my sleep did I dream about being a character in that world (Last Exile – the first one), or while I was watching it did it make my mind wander off into strange places (Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu, Yumekui Merry), or did it hit a personal nerve and make me twitch or squirm (Yumekui Merry, Angel Beats!).

    Actually, I admit that there are things about the example shows I put above that make them not as “good” as other shows I’ve watched. For example, artistically, character and story wise Aria the Natural and ef – a tale of memories.are probably better shows than Angel Beats! I really enjoyed both of them. But they didn’t “hit me” in the same way a certain aspect of Angel Beats! did (in fact, it caused some serious self reflection).

    I guess what I’m trying to say is “my top X shows” is weighted towards shows that are there for reasons other than artistic merit alone.

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