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Dog Days Review: 70/100

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Another late watch to this series. I honestly don’t know why i watched this series, but i saw one episode and i was hooked on it. From there, a great deal of things had occurred.

First things first, this is an original anime series believe it or not. I was pretty surprised about that myself but aside from that, it looks (on paper/picture/whatever) like your typical run of the mill anime that always pops up almost every season. In fact, that’s probably what Dog Days is. But it’s also unbelievably fun at times and at its lows a still fun series. Dog Days is one of those shows that says “Let’s just have fun with what he have”. I really enjoyed the fighting between Biscotti and Galette soldiers, with both sides fighting not for revenge/blood thirsting rage but as friendly rivals. It may have not been the best animated series, but it was a fun series throughout the good and the bad times. I just wish the staff had made the drama in the second half a bit more structured and less whiny on the angst.

Animation: 7/10 – Wasn’t that great in the end. It really started looking QUALITY-like towards the end, but it was pretty average. I’m not a huge fan of Seven Arc’s either (never seen Nanoha series, don’t even get me started on Asura Cryin’…), but they knew when to put the budget where it was needed the most. But that seiyuu cast is impressive though (Mamoru Miyano, Norio Wakamoto, Yui Horie, Daisuke Ono…and so forth).

Story: 6/10 – It’s there,’s also not there. Confusing, right? Well Dog Days started strong with a pretty interesting premise but it just became mashed with pretentious melodrama towards the end. Should have kept the fun fights and supporting character development arcs and left the weirdly placed drama behind.

Music: 7/10 – It’s good, especially the European-like tunes (i’m a sucker for anything sounding classical/sophisticated and European) and the fun fighting songs. Loved the OP, the ED not so much.

Characters: 8/10 – Oh how refreshing to see a male lead character make a name for himself amongst the harem onslaught of characters on the series instead of being bland and forgettable. I really am impressed that Nana Mizuki can voice Ricotta (high-pitched “de-arimasu”) and sing the OP song (low-pitched manlier voice). The cast was diverse as the seiyuu list for this series and that really helps this series out a lot when there’s not much else to look forward to. Eclair > Ricotta > Leonmitchelli > D’arquien > Yukikaze > Millhiore > Cinque.

Enjoyment: 7/10 – The first half of the series was just pure, mindless fun. People turn to cats when they lose (yet, it’s called “Dog Days” why?)? Hilarious! The cast was just fun to see. Then, came part 2 with the whole “Oh crap, the master wants to go back to his planet!” shtick . Oh, the lame melodrama there was painful.


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