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November Summary: Catching Up on Other Fall Series

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In this edition, two new shows join the roster and two more head ever closer to being dropped completely. It’s been weird to see some shows that look so generic become so much better and other shows with great premises to fail very hard. It’s been a mostly down month for a lot of series, but some surprises await. See below the fold for more…

P.S: Sorry for the wildly different image resolutions (848×480, 720×400, 700×400, 1280×720). Next post will be all 1280×720, thing is my computer is ancient and i can’t properly play 720p videos but i can screencap them without problems, the other resolutions i can play but the image quality is less than desirable. This will be fixed in the next post.

#11 – Guilty Crown (2/5)

Oh, Guilty Crown. I’m guilty of watching this series and trying, praying, and begging for something to be interesting. Not only do we have the first blatantly stereotypical character “Dan” introduced but the plot is so convoluted and the show’s penchant for coincidences and risky chances like the student council president’s void weapon being able to defend against missiles is just hard to believe even with suspense of belief. We can argue that Code Geass R2 was one big clusterfuck trainwreck, but at least the show had spirit and the main character wasn’t the biggest loser on the planet, Guilty Crown doesn’t even have that as a fallback option. One more episode and this show is dropped.

#10 – Persona 4 the Animation | 2.5/5

Hmm this show is just all over the pace and the Kanji arc was just too weird to take seriously. It does have a great comedic side and director Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats!, Carnival Phantasm!) really exploits those parts efficiently. Now if he can get the more serious stuff going, it can really work better..but considering Angel Beats and the weird comedy/drama switchoff, i can’t bet that it will turn out good..and yeah the animation is looking pretty derpy at times.

#9 – C3 |3/5

It’s alright, but it’s been pretty generic so far. I can’t really name one specific problem with this show, but as a whole it’s just been very bland. It’s nowhere as bad as Guilty Crown, but at the same time it’s not very engaging. The art in this series is very good though (as seen above), same style as Baka to Test so there’s a factor that’s favorable to it.

#8 – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai | 3/5

Some times Haganai can be a bore (Yukimura scenes) and other times its just hilarious (Meat/Sena banter, Rika’s pervertedness). Most of the time it’s the latter but i can’t help shake the feeling that this show can turn sour at any given moment. It’s been getting better, though and i do appreciate the visuals from AIC Build (unlike the other AIC with Persona..). Biggest surprise this season.

#7 – UN-GO | 3.5/5

Hello, new show #1! UN-GO is yet another detective/mystery series that seems to be the new “in” right now. The cases have all had their own quirks while adding to the mystery of Inga and Shinjuurou’s pasts. The only problem so far is some of the mysteries aren’t the most interesting, but the plot is building up for something good and i really like the background music here. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into another No.6. BONES, do not disappoint me again.

#6 – Mobile Suit Gundam AGE | 3.5/5

Oh, how i thought Guilty Crown was going to be awesome and Gundam AGE was going to be total shit…only now it’s flipped around. Anyways, AGE has been good so far and i still really dig Grudech and especially Woolf (Daisuke Ono in a Gundam life is complete.) It really looks like this show is going to be getting darker if the preview for episode 9 is any indication.

#5 – Kimi to Boku | 3.5/5

It’s been nothing but upwards in terms of quality episodes from Kimi to Boku. The show is really focusing on the high school life of the guys and it’s easy to relate to their situations. Each episode seems to be an improvement over the other and the art from the ED is really starting to grow on me. Thank goodness it’s been confirmed that we’re getting a season 2 because i can’t wait for more of a totally under-rated series.

#4 – Ben-to | 3.5/5

A little bit downwards for Ben-to, the mid-series climax wasn’t that very interesting but the character development has been solid and the music is still great as ever. Even when there is drama, it doesn’t feel awkward or forced and for a series that mainly focuses on comedy that’s a real good trait to have. We’ve had two back to back fanservice episodes though, a bad sign to come?

#3 – Mirai Nikki | 4/5

Mirai Nikki has been solid so far. Even when you think things look relatively bright, Yuno just has to give you a glare that just instills total fear into anyone. This show is downright creepy, horrifying and grotesque and i’m loving it for those reasons. With a quick end to the diary owner, Rei, what will Yuno devise for us next time?

#2 – Chihayafuru | 4.5/5

A show that i passed up mainly because i’m not into sports anime at all. But Chihayafuru has been a blessing in disquise: It’s more about the characters and  understanding how other people view the game and how those people can teach them a thing or two about playing. From Kanade’s insistance of hakama wearming to Desktomu’s obsessive need for an academic edge, Chihaya and Taichi have been learning a whole lot more than just the basics. Now where’s Arata gone too..

#1 – Fate/Zero | 4.5/5

Oh how hard it was to leave out a good Irisviel picture, but Rider is just too awesome, Sola is too sultry, Caster’s lolface and Kotomine’s derpy face is just hilarious (sorry ufotable!). Anyways, this show keeps on building every character well such as the Rider/Waver pair while giving us tons of visual eye candy, appeasing BGM and keeping the quality very consistent. Next episode is a Rin-focused one? Hell yes! This show has made start playing the Fate/stay night VN and man it’s been fun and weird too.

Sidenote: Any suggestions for next season? I’m already in for Natsume S4 and Another, and hopefully i’ll be able to watch more series but winter has always been a sucky one.

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