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Winter 2012 Thoughts

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This is less of a preview and more of my thoughts of the upcoming winter season. Winter has always been pretty void of any real hits (excluding Madoka, but no one really saw it coming) but as always it’s very hard to assume that without even seeing any series. Also, i’m considering blogging each episode as opposed to just a monthly summary though i can’t be certain it’ll be done super fast. There is a poll at the bottom if you want to vote on whether i’ll blog this season (not Fall though) or not.

Definitely Not Going to Watch:

Nisemonogatari – I tried to watch Bakemonogatari and i really did not like it at all. Shaft really needs to learn what creativity in animation really means: flashing texts every 5 seconds is not creative, it’s plain lazy. Senjougahara is interesting, but i’ve seen many characters like her before.

Amagami SS+, Zero no Tsukaima F – Didn’t see the first series and i don’t see myself starting to at at all.

Least to Most Interested:

Inu x Boku SS – David Production (January 12th @ 26:00 on MBS):

Hmm, it looks pretty generic but i do like the premise a bit even if it is generic. David Production gives me a bit of confidence, i’ve been very impressed with Ben-to so far. I’ll give it a few episodes.

Aquarion EVOL – Satelight/8-bit (January 8th @ 25:35 on TV Tokyo)

Mecha series in winter? Now that’s intriguing and Mari Okada makes it even more intriguing as she never really does series like this. I’ll definitely watch the first episodes for this series. Director created the Macross franchise (which i’ve never seen though i’ll give Frontier a chance), so if you’re a Macross fan this may interest you alot.

Mouretsu Pirates – Satelight (January 7th @ 24:30 on TVK)

Another very interesting premise, i can’t remember the last anime i’ve seen with pirates in them. With Fate/Zero, C3 and Ben-To ending soon this will be the only Saturday series. Definitely going to watch this one.

Kill Me Baby – J.C. Staff (January 5th @ 25:25 on TBS)

It has all the makings of failure but from what i’ve been hearing the source material is comedic gold. It all depends on how J.C. Staff approaches this series. Tuesdays are void with only Chihayafuru and fellow J.C. Staff series Ano Natsu de Matteru so i can definitely check this one out.

Recorder to Randoseru – Seven (January 5th @ 25:00)

That is an 11 year old boy in the above picture..Oh Japan, you never cease to amaze me. I really dig the premise and it’s supposedly a seinen series which means a lot more mature then what the art depicts. The website lists it as January 5th premiere but i can’t make out the name of the broadcast station. From 25:00-25:05, meaning this will be a 5 minute series…aw darn.

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – Sunrise (January 9th @ 26:00 on TV Tokyo)

The PV’s were really funny even though i’m wary of the Gintama staff (Sunrise, Shinji Takamatsu) as i hardly laughed at all watching Gintama though i did like Tomokazu Sugita’s role as Gintoki (and as Kyon from Haruhi Suzumiya series) and he’s going to be in this series. Miyu Irino is also going to be a leading character and it’ll be interesting to hear him in a comedic setting (Chizuru from Kimi to Boku i guess counts). TV Tokyo means this series is more or less likely going to be on Crunchyroll.

Black★Rock Shooter – Ordet/Sanzingen (Date TBA @ 24:45 on Fuji TV)

Replacing UN-GO is one of Winter’s most hyped series clocking in at just 8 episodes. There isn’t much revealed besides the airdate but with such a small episode count i’m definitely going to watch this one no matter how bad it bombs (Guilty Crown..).  The character designs from huke of Supercell are definitely stylish (who also did the original character designs of Steins;Gate)

Ano Natsu de Matteru – J.C. Staff (January 10th @ 25:30 on TV Aichi and KBS Kyoto)

J.C. Staff doing an original series is definitely eye-opening but the premise, an “adolescent romance comedy” is very much what the kind of series they do mainly. Alot of Toradora staff is on board: Director Tatsuyuki Nagai and Character Designer Masayoshi Tanaka – to name a few – but i do like giving this one a chance as it’s: 1) A Tuesday series with nothing but Chihayafuru airing that day is very convenient for me and 2) I really enjoy original series.

Another – P.A. Works (January 9th @ 25:35 on KNB)

Another (unintended pun) series that is getting a lot of buzz is…Another. A horror manga adaptation from P.A. Works immediately gets a watch from me, but i’ve been thinking that P.A. Works has been lacking this year especially with Hanasaku Iroha. Plus the Director just got off his stint from Blood-C which is definitely comparable since Blood-C was a horror series (or so i think it was, i only checked one episode but i didn’t really like it) and that show was heavily panned but he has done alot of other great series. What is obvious though is that with P.A. Works this series is going to look very, very pretty. Guilty Crown 2.0 or will it achieve success? I can’t wait to find out.

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – Brains Base (January 9th @ 25:30 on TV Tokyo)

Replacing Kimi to Boku (fittingly i may add) is the 4th season of my beloved Natsume Yuujinchou. To say i’m excited for this is a very big understatement. I really hope this isn’t the final series though there are rumors that mangaka Yuki Midorikawa will announce the end of the manga and Brains Base will also plan the ending of Shi to coincide with the manga’s end. Please, please if this is the last season: give us some more Reiko at the very least.


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