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December Summary: Improvements, Finales and Surprises

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I made some changes to the summary as this will be my final monthly summary post. Next season i’ll be switching over to weekly episodic posts. I changed the entire layout as the old one was a bit too small and this one is much better. Anyways, with a new year ahead there’s a lot of finales from Fall 2011. Some were good, some were decent and some were just amazing. A couple of shows make definite improvements, while others slip a bit. Overall, this month was much better as a whole even without the plethora of finales.

Yes, the pictures are all 1280×720 (except Mirai Nikki, i’m too lazy to change it).

#11 – C3 Finale (2.5/5 – Episode | 6/10 – Overall)

Ugh, what a really weak final episode for C3. Yeah, it was rushed and it had some of the fanservice elements from episode 1. It’s sort of like a mini-Guilty Crown: great visuals, okay OST, good characters but weak plot. I’m torn as to whether this show was better than season 2 of Baka to Test and THAT was a pretty weak show. I don’t know if re-watching this series will be any better except for the uncensored gore (see picture #2).

#10 – Guilty Crown (3/5)

Wow, the latest episode was good (?!). More plot details are emerging and things look to be headed in a much more serious tone. Shu is still very much annoying and there is a bit of convenience with the Void weapon’s powers but i like the way it’s been going so far. Don’t disappoint me, IG.

#9 – Persona 4 The Animation (3/5)

An upturn for Persona as well with focusing on more serious issues like the serial murders and that latest episode was just so weird and surreal that even the veterans who played the game were taken aback, that’s some good storytelling. Plus, a Bishonen Teddie is fine too. I’m sure that this series is 25 episodes and with many of the gamers saying that most of the story is almost completed, i’m wondering if director Seiji Kishi will include a lot more comedy moments (like the Mystery Food X stuff). Still having some animation problems, AIC..

#8 – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Finale (3/5 – Episode | 8/10 – Overall)

Wow, this show had me with little expectation but managed to be hilarious while developing the main cast very well with a good soundtrack, animation and hilarious cast. This is a show to watch to get a good laugh and to put your expectation meters to rest. I actually enjoyed the repeated verbal assaults from Yozora to Meat. Each episode brought a good amount of laughs and i will reward that even when other things like the animation or the more serious episodes were a bit weak.

#7 – Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (3/5)

A calm before the storm episodes of AGE. Yurin > Emily all the way after the Diva crew landed on the neutral colony of Minsry. It’s an interesting episode, but really it’s buildup for the (presumably) big showdown between the UE/Eden and the Diva and maybe even the Federation. Next month we’re getting into the next generation with Flit’s son Asemu inheriting the AGE Gundam. I wonder how the conflict with Flit, the Diva and the UE is going to be resolved then.

#6 – Kimi to Boku Season Finale (3.5/5  – Episode | 8/10 – Overall)

Unlike many that are ending, Kimi to Boku’s finale was not anything special but rather another look at the boy’s (sans Chizuru) old preschool as they become teachers for a day. Of course the twins have to pester Kaname about his crush on Kaori-sensei and needless to say, Kaname takes a big part of this episode. The similarities between him and Ken were pretty striking and at the very end, Shun accidentally reveals to Chizuru about Kaname’s first love. It is a good ending and season 2 is airing in spring, hopefully we can get more than two seasons because this show was a real treat.

#5 – Mirai Nikki (3.5/5)

A bit of a drop for Mirai Nikki: Yukki has been pretty annoying (though it’s totally understandable in his situation), Yuno is getting a bit too annoying and it’s so obvious when she’s going to “snap”. A bad decision from the staff at Asread not to be more subtle and instead give us some weird looking eyes from Yuno. But i liked the conclusion to the current arc and it didn’t feel rushed at all and i was even on the edge of my seat not knowing who’d make it out alive. From what i know from the manga readers: Don’t expect a linear plot with everything explained.

#4 – Ben-To Finale (4/5 – Episode | 8/10 – Overall)

A satisfying conclusion to a really good series. The fights in this episode were really well animated with a perfect blend of supermarket and fighter music to add to the scenes. Episodes 9 and 10 were pretty weak especially with anyone can like her is beyond me. I hope we get a second season sometime soon but with more fights and absolutely no Ume!

#3 – UN-GO Finale (4/5 – Episode | 8/10 – Overall)

Bones finally delivers with a strong finish to the Bettenou arc. I liked this show even when the mysterious were easily solved (Inga…) but the whole atmosphere of this series works really well. I’m impressed Bones did a great job seeing as their last noitaminA effort (No.6) bombed pretty bad. I consider UN-GO one of the many under-rated series not only from Fall but the whole year. I really am excited to hopefully see the prequel movie, Inga-ron, as it gives us background on Shinjuurou and Inga’s past which was pretty vague in the anime.

#2 – Chihayafuru (4/5)

Still no Arata! (besides the small appearances) But overall it was a nice conclusion to the regionals with Mizusawa earning the right to represent the entire Tokyo region in the nationals at Omi Jingu. I really like how teamwork is emphasized here and the character development for each of our main Karuta players is great. Now if we can just get some more Arata (and i have nothing against Taichi) and maybe a bit more drama, i’ll be a happy camper. Madhouse is really showing their strengths in this adaptation with really good visuals and strong BGM.

#1 – Fate/Zero Season Finale (4.5/5 – Episode | 9/10 – Overall)

Damn! I knew there’d be a cliffhanger and boy was it the very worst kind with the painful reminder of a three month break. But still, this episode was amazing for the buildup, the overall mood, character interactions and a bit of snarky comments (mainly from Rider). I know that the second part is going to be in “Kill ‘Em All” mode with no Master deaths and only Assassin’s defeat. I’m going to miss this show until April (!), and i’m definitely going to re-watch this series with the confirmed edits to some of the episodes, like episode 11 with the distorted faces.


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