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Kill Me Baby – 01

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Opening Theme:
Kill Me no Baby! by Mutsumi Tamura and Chinatsu Akasaki

Short Summary: The viewer is introduced to Yasuna and her friend Sonya, who is a professional assassin. Their daily hijinks are shown, and a quick introduction to one of Sonya’s old friends Agiri Goshiki. Agiri dupes Yasuna into making her buy bread and rips her off by selling her fake scrolls, though one of them surprisingly works in the end. Yasuna and Sonya enjoy the falling of the sakura petals and notices a petal fall on Sonya….

Yes i’ve decided to at least blog one episode of each series i’m going to be watching (and that’s going to be alot..). The first of which is J.C. Staff’s newest (and one of seven this season) school comedy, Kill Me Baby. Expect posts for next week’s premieres to be a little late, since school starts for me next Monday. Anyways, we start off with a quick introduction from Yasuna Oribe and her friend Sonya who is quick to defend herself against the onslaught of Yasuna’s “attacks”. Despite the ear-shattering OP sequence, i actually kind of enjoyed this episode and laughed a little bit though a series like this should really be only a couple of minutes long. As mentioned earlier, this is one of 7 J.C. Staff works this season alone and Kill Me Baby looks to be on the short-end of the quality stick. The animation is pretty bland and static, the voice actors are all unknowns and a lot of jokes (mainly involving Agiri) didn’t really work well. But i enjoyed the first half of the episode, with Sonya defending herself against some roaches, a dog and water guns.

Overall, it felt like J.C. Staff’s last anime series: Kimi to Boku, a little weak but it has enough promise. I’m definitely not going to blog this one, unless the rest of the lineup is bad (like Inu x Boku SS) but i’ll continue to watch because i’m in desperate need of a good comedy fix.

Chances of Blogging: 30% (No, unless the rest of the lineup is worse.)
Chances of Watching: 60% (Thursdays have died down a bit anyways.)

Ending Theme:
Futari no Kimochi no Honto no Himitsu by Mutsumi Tamura and Chinatsu Akasaki


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