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Mouretsu Pirates – 01

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Opening Theme:
Mugen no Ai by Momoiro Clover Z

Short Summary: Two strange people arrive to Marika Katou’s (Mikako Komatsu) home and inform her that her father, captain of the Bentenmaru pirate ship, has passed away and by their customs Marika must become the next head of the Bentenmaru. Things only get stranger for her when a new transfer student Chiaki Kurihara (Kana Hanazawa) comes and visits the cafe at which Marika works, then stranger things happen when men in black and a supposed security guard come to take her away, but Chiaki runs off with Marika before that happens.

Thoughts: I was concerned with how slow it was at first, but after hearing it’s going to be 26 episodes i’m not concerned anymore: this is the perfect pacing for a long series. I’ve never seen a series like this and i’m very excited to see where this is going and Marika is my kind of character: headstrong, but not overconfident and timid, but not overly shy. The OP and ED are very visually entertaining, the OP much more, but ugh…those vocals. Girl groups like these are just so annoying, including AKB48, with no talent and only looks..but i digress. Anyways, another first for me is that this is my first Satelight series (eventually, Macross Frontier..eventually) and from what i’ve heard: their animation is stellar, and if Mouretsu Pirates keeps up such great quality for 26 episodes, then this is going to not only be a fun series but a fun series with solid production values.

Chances of Blogging: 50% (Not sure, with 26 episodes…and Saturday looks fill if Lagrange isn’t going to disappoint.)
Chances of Watching: 75% (Definitely, i haven’t seen a series like this and i’m eager to make this the first.)

Ending Theme:
Lost Child by Momoiro Clover Z


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