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Ano Natsu de Matteru – 01


Opening Theme:
sign by Ray

Short Summary: Kaito Kirishima (Nobunaga Shimazaki) is adjusting his film when a sudden accident occurs, seriously injuring him yet wakes up the next morning with no recollection of what took place the day before. Discussing a film project with his friends Tetsurou Ishigaki (Hideki Ogihara), Mio Kitahara (Kana Asumi) and Kanna Tanigawa (Kaori Ishihara), he stumbles across a new transfer student with gleaming red hair and suddenly takes an interest in her for the film. Tetsurou approaches the red-haired transfer student Ichika Takatsuki (Haruka Tomatsu) and straight to the point asks her to participate in the film which she quickly agrees to. But she’s not the only one who agrees, as fellow senior Remon Yamano (Yukari Tamura) also agrees promising to take care of the story. Afterwards, Kaito is walking home seemingly talking to himself with the presumption that Ichika is with him and telling her all about the film then asking if she wants to go to his house. In reality, Ichika is actually there and over-heard everything Kaito said which embarrassed him but they decide to go back to his house together. Soon, Ichika gets a sharp pain from his wound the day before and collapses and then Ichika comes and….

Thoughts: I didn’t think the summary would be this long but Ano Natsu de Matteru’s first episode packed in a lot of information in 24 minutes. I liked this first episode, even if it was a little wordy at times, and i definitely like where this mystery of Kaito not knowing about the accident is heading towards. Of course with Tatsuyuki Nagai directing and Masayoshi Tanaka drawing the character designs, the comparisons to their previous works Ano Hana and Toradora were very noticeable. Remon looks like a newer version of Taiga Aisaka while Kaito looks much like Jintan from Ano Hana and the outward appearances weren’t even the beginning of the comparisons. Ano Natsu definitely had elements from both series, the mystery-tinged drama aspect of AnoHana coupled with Toradora’s laidback and school life aspects. Overall, i definitely can see J.C. Staff put a lot of effort into this one (sorry Kill Me Baby!) and with Tatsuyuki Nagai directing, i’m very confident that this series can succeed as he has proven to be a great director with two above-average series.

Chances of Blogging: 80% (Look at the effort i’ve already made here…)
Chances of Watching: 90% (12 episodes + original series + Nagi Yanagi = Watching.)

Yes, the OP has six screenshots: the art was really great and it was very hard to choose just 3 of them.

Ending Theme:
Vidro Mouyou by Nagi Yanagi

2 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru – 01

  1. I found your blog looking for a screen-cap of the ending of Symphogear, and I am going to continue reading it.

    I though this was another win series (so far). I came into this anime not expecting much, but by the end I had a big smile of my face. A must watch IMHO.

    This winter season is definitely going to be a good one. So far I have 4 must watches( Symphogear, Nisemonogatari, Another, and this). 3 possibly decent watches (Area no Kishi, Amagami SS, Moretsu Pirates). The others were all crap but that is still a good decent to crap ratio.

    Keep blogging!

    • Why thanks for the comment! It really means a lot to see that. Yeah i do agree that Winter has been really solid (i haven’t see Another just yet), i just finished Rinne no Lagrange and wow it’s really good, enough for me to oversee the blatant no-excuse fanservice.

      Thanks for the support, i’m trying my best not to be too wordy but have some substance with if i could get another break from school 😀

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