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Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – 02

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Short Summary: Natsume, with help from the monkey mask youkai and the ruler of the forest, is able to escape from the Matoba household. Matoba remarks that there is nothing left to gain from exploring the forest but remarks that there are many different ways to obtain that which is important. The youkai that had a curse on him thanked Natsume and remarked that he cares deeply for both youkai whom do not seek the Book of Friends and humans, with Natsume equating both as his dear friends. Later, Natsume and friends see a meteor shower together while Natsume strengthens his resolve to protect the book of friends.

Thoughts: Man, that was really one of the best episodes of Natsume. Usually those types of episodes are the soft, heartwarming single episode stories but this two-episode arc was really put together well and even got me choked up at the end when the youkai came back and Natsume said that both youkai and humans were his friends. It was also very obvious that there’s been a steady increase in the production values and Natsume Yuujinchou clearly deserves such an upgrade. Matoba himself was really frightening this episode, knowing pretty much every detail of Natsume’s past and present in an attempt to make him join the Matoba clan which obviously wouldn’t happen. It was really good to see Natsume’s youkai friends – mainly Misuzu and Hinoe – help rescue him though at the end it was more or less really well-timed comedy. I think this episode really showed the heartwarming aspect of the series, along with the sparingly used comedy and darker elements in a way that was really well put together by the amazing staff at Brain’s Base.

Sidenote: Rinne no Lagrange, Aquarion EVOL, Another and Danshi Koukousei will be tomorrow. School’s back -__-


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