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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 01

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First off..i’m not blogging Aquarion. I watched 10 minutes, and quickly deleted it. It was extremely lame and i can’t stand to hear another Yuuki Kaji role (like i don’t hear him enough already).

Opening Theme:
Shiny Tale by Mix Speakers, Inc

Short Summary: A collection of short stories as told from the perspectives of Tadakuni (Miyu Irino), Hidenori (Tomokazu Sugita) and Yoshitake (Kenichi Suzumura).

Thoughts: I don’t think i’ve laughed this hard in forever. I was a little hesitant to watch this mainly because of the Gintama connections (Sunrise, Shinji Takamatsu, Tomokazu Sugita), a show which i didn’t really find funny but very annoying. But even though some of these skits were from the web previews released about a month ago, i still was cracking up at those jokes especially the girlfriend and skirt skits (poor Tadakuni..only one who followed through). If you couldn’t tell from the invading Gundam-colored Zaku’s, this is definitely from Sunrise, I mean who else can get away with Gundam parodies than the original studio itself? I was hoping to see a little more poking at Sunrise and/or Square Enix (the publishers of the manga) though at least Hidenori actually referenced them by name. But overall it was a hilarious episode, complete with Hidenori’s almost troll-like facial expressions and constant poking at various anime tropes like tsunderes and cliches.

Fun fact: Square Enix, publishers of the Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou manga are obviously well known for their video games, mainly Final Fantasy. Tadakuni’s VA, Miyu Irino, got his breakthrough role as Sora from Kingdom Hearts which was created by Square Enix. If only Tadakuni talked smack about Square Enix…

Chances of Blogging: 0% (I already blog two shows on Mondays..)
Chances of Watching: 100% (Absolutely hilarious, go watch it already!)

Episode 1 Ending Theme:
Bungaku Shoujo by ENA

It used the same images/visuals from the Literature Girl skit.


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