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Rinne no Lagrange – 01

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Opening Theme:
FLY UNITE! by Megumi Nakajima Download

Short Summary: Madoka Kyouno (Kaori Ishihara) typically spends her days helping others, whether it’s for a film project, kendo club or saving a drowning girl. Her cheerfulness and headstrong nature is a force to be reckoned with, which worries her elder sister (?). But then a mysterious girl named Eureka Lan (Asami Seto) tells Madoka that she is to pilot a special robot, though Madoka says she’s only good at riding bikes. Soon, an unknown enemy attacks Kamogawa and Madoka quickly hops into this machine to save the day.

Thoughts: ….Is every Winter series so far been amazing or what? You know i honestly didn’t even care about the fanservice in this episode (Xebec strikes again!), everything was really put together quite well which is shocking when you consider that Xebec is producing the anime (though Production I.G. is credited as the original creator), known for their low-budget ecchi and rampant fanservice series. Madoka is a very interesting character: sure she’s a little too peppy and perfect as a whole, but it’s refreshing to see such a headstrong character especially for a series that involves mechs. It did feel a little bit fast at first, but i can tell that the pacing will slow down a bit from here on out. Again..i’m surprising that all of this – including that eye-gasmic OP – is coming from Xebec: they’re really one of the weakest companies out there (Pandora Hearts a very rare exception), i guess being part of Production I.G. + original series will change some people’s opinions of them. The ED was good, but damn that OP is just really well sung and with amazing graphics.But Lan..she’s totally reminding me of Eureka from Eureka Seven (surprised no one has mentioned it). Anyways, if a first episode can make me completely ignore blatant fanservice..that’s a clear winner right there and Lagrange has definitely got potential written all over it.
Chances of Blogging: 20% (No, no more for me. I’m content with what i have right now)
Chances of Watching: 90% (Definitely, but another split-cour series…agh it’s Fate/Zero all over again!)

Ending Theme:
HELLO! by Megumi Nakajima


One thought on “Rinne no Lagrange – 01

  1. You are %100 right about this season. I usually watch the first episode of most the shows, pick a few good ones, and then watch those the rest of the season. This season I feel like I am going to watch half of them! The thing I am most excited about though is how most of the shows are not filled with women with massively oversized breasts. Those shows are almost always crap and a waste of time. I prefer story time over the (way overdone) eye candy. Hopefully all these shows continue their greatness.

    The main character in this show is so quirky that I think I will just have to watch the rest of the show. This also has some quite funny moments, such as when she performs a suplex on the other robot. This is a split-cour show? By comparing it to Fate/zero I am assuming you mean the next half of the show won’t be till Summer or so? If so that sucks. Oh well.

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