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Another – 01

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First off: sorry about how late this post is, school is back for me (like most people, right?) and the workload went from decent to ridiculous. Alright, enough of my RL drama here’s Another:

Opening Theme:
Kyoumu Densen by ALI PROJECT

Short Summary: Kouichi Sakakibara (Atsushi Abe) transfers to a new middle school outside of Tokyo. He is greeted by three of his classmates, eerie things begin to unravel and Kouichi meets Mei Misaki (Natsumi Takamori) , a shy quiet girl that is from the same class as him. Kouichi’s fellow classmates start acting suspicious around him with regards to Mei…

Thoughts: Man, with P.A. Works animating at least this series is going to look gorgeous and that’s exactly what i saw with Another. Like with Hanasaku Iroha, the background art is luscious and stellar and the overall animation is very much dark and grim – fitting for such a series. But what has me a bit worried is that apparently Another will be just 12 episodes and i don’t think it’ll be enough to tell a great story (should have given HanaIro 12 episodes and Another 26 episodes..). The overall atmosphere in this first episode was really eerie – Kouichi’s classmates starting acting weird when he looks over at Mei’s desk (like the glasses guy giving signals to one of the other students to change the topic) and even Mei herself warning Kouichi to stay away from her or bad things will happen.It’s intriguing, and i’ll definitely at least watch for the scenery porn + Mei. Oh boy, another ALI PROJECT opening..i like these guys, but their songs tend to sound oh so familiar (Rozen Maiden, Code Geass..).

Monday’s are just really weird – a pure comedy series (Danshi Koukousei), slice-of-life/supernatural (Natsume, Ano Natsu?) and romance (also Ano Natsu) with the horror/mystery aspect of Another makes this a really interesting day to be watching if you’re actively looking at different genres to explore.

Chances of Blogging: 0%
Chances of Watching: 80% (Watching, but P.A. Works’ storytelling is very different from their animation efforts…not in a good way.)

Ending Theme:
anamnesis by Annabel

That girl with the paintbrush looks very similar to Rin from Katawa Shoujo.


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