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Inu x Boku SS – 01

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Opening Theme:
Nirvana by MUCC

Short Summary: Ririchiyo Shirakiin (Rina Hidaka) is part of a wealthy, elite family. She moves into a new place and finds herself greeted by a member of the Secret Service, Soushi Miketsukami (Yuuichi Nakamura). Soushi tells Ririchiyo that he will dutifully obey her every whim and to treat him like a dog. Funnier moments resort from this, including a lot of chibi scenes. At the end, a burgular tries to ransack the new apartment only to be greeted by a wide array of monsters.

Thoughts: The next show to be regularly blogged, which surprised me at how well the drama and comedy was well put together. I’m sure Yuuichi Nakamura saying he wants to be someone’s dog will undoubtedly rile up the fujoshi, but there was a lot to like beyond that. The animation was really solid including the OP – a good job by david production recently of Ben-To fame, that was something i didn’t quite expect from this studio. I really like Ririchiyo: she’s not too bossy, not too childish but just the right amount and undoubtedly a great performance by Rina Hidaka. This really looks to be the best show on Thursdays, and i highly encourage you guys to give this show a chance. It’s a really good first episode, and i can’t wait for more.



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