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Mouretsu Pirates – 02

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Short Summary: Marika and Chiaki escape from Marika’s job where they meet Kane. Later, Kirika and Marika have a mom/daughter chat on the whole issue of the pirates, the Bentenmaru and themselves as people while Kirika teaches Marika how to use guns. Kane, as the new yacht club advisor, takes the entire club members (including Marika and Chiaki) on a test flight on the Odette II that is docked at the school Marika attends. What surprises Kane is that the Odette II is actually one of the legendary Original Seven warships – the Hakuchugou (the Bentenmaru is also one of these original seven). Meanwhile Marika and Chiaki are dealing with hackers…

Thoughts: Well, Mouretsu Pirates is being blogged on a temporary basis as there’s a blogged show that may lose its status. Even though this series is slated for 26 episodes, i really have enjoyed what Mouretsu Pirates has to offer. The Kirika/Marika moment during the beginning was really a good touch and i’m a little surprised that Marika didn’t go all angsty/emo when Kirika asked if she was mad at her for not telling her about her father, Kirika being a pirate and Marika being the next head of the Bentenmaru. That’s a refreshing thing as most characters in Marika’s situation quickly lash out and proceed to be angsting for 1-2 episodes afterwards. This season seems to be having a focus on strong female characters: Marika from Mouretsu Pirates, Madoka from Rinne no Lagrange, Ichika from Ano Natsu and Tsubasa from Symphogear (lesser extent) and Chihaya from Chihayafuru (Fall series, but definitely applies here). I really think that this show has the potential to be amazing, and with 26 episodes it looks like it’s more than just a possibility as of now.

Score: 4/5

Also, Rikiya Koyama as the narrator = win. If you didn’t know, he voiced Kiritsugu in Fate/Zero. There needs to be a 10 minute loop of him saying “Maiya”…ahem.


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