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Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 02

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Opening Theme:
Synchrogazer by Nana Mizuki

Short Summary: Hibiki awakens the power of her Symphogear, Gungnir. She is then taken to the special task force assigned to deal with the Noise and finds out that her power comes from a shard of Kanade’s gear when she ultimately died protecting Hibiki. Tsubasa is shocked and disgusted to know that Hibiki’s power is from Kanade’s and treats her rudely. Suddenly, an incoming Noise attack prompts Tsubasa and Hibiki to fight…but it’s Tsubasa who raises her sword against Hibiki in a determined fashion.

Thoughts: An unintentional troll by Satelight and Encourage Films showing Hibiki looking pretty scary then having this episode air with absolutely nothing to suggest that Hibiki would go berserk. Instead we get Tsubasa who’s pointing her weapon at Hibiki, will she actually go through or is this another attempted troll? Anywho, it was a pretty good episode: nothing too big apart from what i already assumed to be true: a piece of Kanade’s weapon that sliced Hibiki pretty graphically last episode is the reason she has the ability to fight the noice, aka Symphogear. Still, the animation looks a bit choppy at some parts (i guess Satelight is throwing money at Mouretsu Pirates..) and Hibiki rubs me the wrong way: she’s somewhat like Madoka from Lagrange, only much younger and more naive when fighting the Noise only for Tsubasa to finish it off.But that ED’s so creepy and bizarre and the visuals made me think that ALI PROJECT was going to sing the song.

Score: 3/5

Ending Theme:
Meteor Light by Minami Takabayashi


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