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Area no Kishi – 02

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Short Summary: The match begins as Suguru gives Kakeru a lot of difficult passes that Kakeru isn’t able to kick from. Suguru tells Kakeru to switch out of the game, but the red team is still able to win. Seven talks with Suguru afterwards about the game, which Suguru mentioning that Kakeru lacks the heart to play. Once again the person with the alien mask seems to know a lot about Kakeru, playing a quick game before leaving. The next day, Kakeru leaves for school early but gets a flat from his bike. Suguru catches up to him and they go to school together while talking to him about what his dream was when suddenly….

Thoughts: If you’ve seen my Mouretsu Pirates post which i said there’s one show that’s being close to losing its blogging status: it’s this one. I know the first episode was really great but first impressions are not always cut and dry. Now, first even if Area no Kishi gets worse i’ll still watch but as of’s okay. I think it’s fairly obvious that Seven is the person in the alien mask. Knowledge of the “heart to play” talk came from only two people and Suguru was already at home, which leaves Seven. But anyways, i’ve been spoiled as to what happens with the accident and hopefully the anime can do a great job in depicting it. I’m hoping that this can really light a spark into this series: it’s okay, the characters are good but it needs a spark to really get me motivated to watch.

Score: 3/5


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