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Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – 03

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Short Summary: After returning another name to its rightful owner, Natsume sees a cat being attacked by crows but finds out that it is actually a youkai. After taking care of it at his house, the youkai attacks Natsume in confusion cutting his hand which Nyanko-sensei says contains poison. Natsume asks other youkai about the “furball”‘s identity when Hinoe explains that it is a Karu youkai whom travel together. When Natsume returns home, his room is ransacked then suddenly the youkai from before, Amana, attacks Natsume and accuses him of stealing a precious ring from her. She gives him three days to find it or she will burn his house down and find it herself. Realizing the Karu youkai grabbed the ring in confusion as it was bouncing around the room, he sets out to find the youkai. Later that night, he finds cherries on his bed which Nyanko-sensei says is a special type of berry that works as an antidote and Natsume realizes that it was the Karu youkai who did this. Later, the youkai returns but is startled by Natsume’s youkai friends and runs off into the forest. In pursuit, Natsume catches up to the rest of the Karu youkai and receives the ring. But Amana is convinced that Natsume stole it and tries to kill him when a white dragon appears and takes Natsume from Amana. The dragon, made up of various Karu youkai, leaves Natsume and departs. Natsume and the rest of his friends meet up once more.

Thoughts: Its episodes like these that make Natsume Yuujinchou so amazing. In one episode you can introduce a new youkai then have it leave on that same episode and still be an extremely heartwarming episode. Once again, the comedy bits (towards the beginning) and the more serious tone work incredibly well together and of course you gotta have a monologue from Natsume to end the episode. I also thought that using the ED music before the actual ending theme started to play is really one of this series’ best hidden strengths because the themes are really sweet (or in the case of season 2: really sad) and work as a perfect close to a youkai story. I really enjoy talking about this series as it’s my all-time favorite show because of episodes like these which accomplish little, but are a real treat to watch.

Score: 4/5

Much longer post than usual: basically, the more i’m interested = the more i write about. Plus, 12 screenshots! Every series is going to have 9 screenshots minimum but word count-wise: i don’t have a specific number for that.


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