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Ano Natsu de Matteru – 02

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Short Summary: Kai and Ichika explain the situation to Nanami and Kanna (though Kanna is not buying it). Kanna tells Mio and the rest of Kai’s friends what happened and Tetsurou proposes to meet for the film shoot at Kai’s house. Ichika and Kai go shopping after saying goodbye to Nanami at the airport and see everyone waiting for them. Lemon serves everyone spiked drinks and initiates the King’s Game, much to Kai’s displeasure. Afterwards, Kai feels ill once again and Ichika is to the rescue!

Thoughts: This show is so cliched, and yet i could care less. It’s entertaining and it’s really shaping up to be a fun series though it can go for the drama end (please no!). Remon stole most of the show with her underhanded tactics and trollish behavior, which was hilarious to watch. Not alot happened this episode, mostly fluff except for the bit at the beginning with Ichika in some sort of spaceship. But nevertheless the comparisons to Toradora and AnoHana are still very clear (i haven’t seen Onegai Teacher, which is what everyone says this show is about): the easy-going and close knit group of friends that was a major staple in Toradora and a looming sense of despair or heartbreak in AnoHana are both very present in this series. Well, i know now that Mondays are going to be awesome with the exception of Another if it’s still lame.

Some similarities as noted below with Ano Natsu, Toradora and Ano Hana:

The man – Kaito/Ryuuji/Jinta

The main – Ichika/Taiga/Menma

Jealous – Kanna/Entire female cast/Anaru

Comic relief – Tetsurou/Minorin/Poppo

Lax – Mio/Kitamura/Tsuruko…?

Schemer – Remon/Ami/Yukiatsu

Some of these are a bit reaching, but it’s my way of telling who’s who.

Score: 3.5/5

I really want to hear the full version of “Vidro Moyou”, ugh 20 seconds doesn’t count. This is what AnoHana did for a while too..


One thought on “Ano Natsu de Matteru – 02

  1. Ah, this is perfect. I totally agree with your character comparisons from this show to Ano Hana.

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