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Winter 2012 Thoughts + Some Quick Fall Updates


Just a quick little wrapup of Winter’s 2012 offerings:


Senki Zesshou Symphogear: I really enjoyed the first episode, despite some animation troubles and a weird way to start a series.

Ano Natsu de Matteru: Really solid first episode, even if it’s cliched a bit. Best OP of the season, solid animation and a good overall cast.

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi: Stronger than ever before, almost reaching season 1’s level of greatness. I’m even warming up to the OP song a bit.

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou: Mondays are just weird..first there’s sweet and heartwarming Natsume and now there’s Danshi Koukousei? Absolutely hilarious, i can’t wait to see the new skits.


Area no Kishi: It all depends on how long it’s going to be, how the characters will develop and what will happen on episode 3. Honestly, it has alot of cliches but as long as the characters are somewhat decent, this can be a good show.

Kill Me Baby: Not as bad as people think (the OP is good in a freudian-sort of way..), but it’s not the best either.This should have been only 3 or 4 minutes long, tbh. I have a feeling the ED dance is going to be a meme.

Another: Solid animation, but only 12 episodes? That’s a bad sign, hopefully the show can make a stronger impression going into episode 2.

Rinne no Lagrange: I wonder why Production I.G. chose to name the main character Madoka..a sign of things to come or is it a way to make this show profitable? I really like Madoka, even if she comes across too perfect and the animation effort is solid so far.

Mouretsu Pirates: A really good build-up episode, perfect for a 26 episode series. I can already sense that this show will really turn out well, just get us into the Bentenmaru already!

Inu x Boku SS – solid, but like Another..12 episodes is really not a good sign. At least the main characters are really likeable.


Aquarion Evol: Dropped after 10 some blogger’s opinions, glad i dropped it.

Highschool DxD: ahaha.wav

Didn’t bother with:

Nisemonogatari: Over-rated. If you want witty dialogues without cheap animation tricks and 2D characters, Katanagatari (also by NisiOisiN) is a much better alternative.

PapaKiki: Take Usagi Drop and stir in some garbage and this is what you get.

Recorder to Randoseru: Why is this only a few minutes long?

Tantei Opera Milky Homes 2: Why is it called “Milky”? Maybe i’ll check the first season.

Zero no Tsukaima III: There are some Rie tsundere roles i like (Taiga, Nagi) and Louise ain’t even close to being called likeable.

So overall, it looks like Winter can actually be taken seriously from now on if these are the kinds of series that will be airing. In order, i’m most excited for: Natsume Shi > Danshi Koukousei > Ano Natsu > Symphogear > Mouretsu Pirates > Lagrange > Inu x Boku SS > Another > Kill Me Baby > Area no Kishi.

Other tidbits, mainly Fall updates:

-Oh look, Guilty Crown went from complete shit to mediocre. What an improvement..I’m so inclined to spoil what happened on episode 12 but for those who actually think this show is good: i’ll be nice. Why am i still watching this? Dumb reason, my MAL score is really high (i’m really selective with whati watch) and more Mars of Destruction-like series will help keep it from being ridiculously high. Yeah, that is a completely stupid reason but i could care less of others’ opinions on this one.

-I like Persona 4 even if the animation is pretty bad, the characters are really fun to watch (especially Teddie) and things look to be getting really serious. It does feel rushed at points (from a non-gamer POV), but it’s still a pretty enjoyable series and Narukami is a really interesting main character.

-Chihayafuru is still great, though it’s starting to wear on me for a 25 episode series. There’s nothing wrong with this show, it’s just that i’m really not use to these kinds of series and i’m not as dedicated to watching as i used to. Definitely need more Arata!

-Gundam AGE has tremendously improved with what looks like a classic Gundam trope going to be used next episode (update: sigh..they did it.), though i’m really annoyed that even though Sunrise is swimming in cash they refused to actually put some effort with animation.

-Mirai Nikki is just..what. It’s really apparent that the animation is low-rent from a no-name studio and Yuno continues to annoy me, but i still find myself attracted to this show: it’s the overall paranoia/dementia feel and with more diary holders, the potential to be better is still there.


4 thoughts on “Winter 2012 Thoughts + Some Quick Fall Updates

  1. I agree on some but I thought Inu x Boku SS was garbage. Characters seemed really srupid. I thought PapaKiki was good. My favorite is so far is Another and I don’t even like horror. The show has mood though.

    • Inu x Boku is decent, at least to me though i have to disagree on the characters. If PapaKiki turns out better than i thought (by skimming forums, blog sites, etc.) i’ll put on my plan to watch list.

      Another has disappointed me a bit: the mood is weak at times and the dolls are just weirdly timed though i’m use to seeing horror/mystery series. I do like the character designs and the animation, plus Ali Project doesn’t annoy me like most people 😀

  2. I really don’t mind Inu x Boku. It won’t win any awards, but it’s watchable and the characters are likeable.

    I just can’t tell where Symphogear is going. At times it seems like it’s going to be another cutesy mahou shoujo series. Then at other times, like when she goes “insane” with glowing eyes/dark face, it seems like it’s going to be similar to Madoka. One thing I really don’t like the attack calling in the show. The only show that ever did that right was Gurren Lagan, and that was a parody. Otherwise it’s a decent show, but nothing to write home about. The end of the first episode pointed to great things ahead, but I just have not seen it yet. I am holding out hope though.

    You’re right about Ano Natsu. It really is a great show. This is the show I look forward to most every week. It’s animation is solid and smooth while also having great like-able characters. Love it.

    About Gundam AGE, I have not had the guts yet to watch it, but let me guess, did they just get new powerful super mechs at the halfway point? It is pretty standard procedure in a Gundam series. Either that, or some sort of scientist super genius just upgraded them. By the end of the season they will be shooting lasers the size of planets while they wipe out hundreds of extras in one shot. Then they will scream very loud as push their mech forward towards the final boss/rival/evildoer.

    • Inu x Boku is good, and definitely the characters are a major reason why i’m liking this series.

      With regards to AGE: they killed off a decently important character (without going into more, let’s say it involves romance..) but the end of the first generation is tomorrow’s ep. So far it’s been a decent series, though if you’ve seen less Gundam series you will like it more than if you’ve seen more of them.

      About Symphogear: It’s better than them actually shouting out the attacks, a visual in this case works fine though the insert songs are lagging the episodes for me..had to switch to Commie.

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