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Area no Kishi – 03

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Short Summary: The aftermath of episode 02’s abrupt conclusion. SPOILER ALERT**(highlight text by dragging) Kakeru and Suguru are both rushed to the hospital after the accident, unfortunately Suguru passes away but donates his heart to save the life of Kakeru. Kakeru decides to quit the Soccer Club but Nana tries to change his mind and goes with him to the hospital for a check-up. The two see a girl almost getting hit by a car and Kakeru decides to do something about it.

Thoughts: Hmm, definitely much better than the last two episodes but worst case scenario: this may be the highest point of Area no Kishi for me. Of course a major character dying tends to be well animated and told and that’s exactly what Area no Kishi did. Until the last scene with Kakeru saving the little girl by kicking a ball outlandishly making its way to hit the car miraculously stopping at the last second. It felt very out of place and Kakeru exhibiting Suguru’s personality is kind of stretching it, donating a heart gives that person’s personality to the recipient? I like Seven’s role in the series. She’s not too much of a helpless figure and secretly giving Kakeru advice as “Grey”.¬† Without Suguru, if Kakeru doesn’t turn into a really annoying character then i won’t feel the loss of characters. But as of now that’s completely unknown to us anime-only viewers.

Score: 3/5

Oh yeah, one of Kakeru’s friends Kota is voiced by Minoru Shiraishi. First non major KyoAni role (known for his comedy roles as Taniguchi in the Haruhi series, Sakamoto in Nichijou and himself in Lucky Star.) He’s also Kousaka from Mirai Nikki, what the…? Pictures have captions that may or not be funny, insulting, stupid or all of the above.


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