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C3 Review: 62.5/100


As of now, a new grading system is being used. Time for the decimal points!

C3 had all the makings of a very interesting series, had it just focused on one goal. Episode 1 is a fake-out and drew away many people for being nothing but fanservice but the next episode was incredibly violent and plain scary to watch. With that sort of radical shift, C3 was definitely looking to be one of Fall’s most interesting series but quickly that was more or less a dream. The pacing in this series is atrocious: like mentioned above, the plot is really rushed from cramming many volumes of light novel material and it’s this that ultimately causes the downfall of a interesting series. Like Eureka Seven, the pacing of a series is really key and as a measure of competency: for both of these series, they failed miserably though i can give c3 an easier break as it’s just 12 episodes. But even then, couldn’t the staff at Silver Link just taken one part of the light novel and just have gone with that rather than taking a bunch of different material and cramming it in together?

There are some good parts of C3, mainly the animation. The Baka to Test staff are back and they really went into Shaft territory with this show. Lots of abstract art, mixed with creativity is a small redeeming quality in this series.

Overall C3 stands as a forgettable series with an interesting premise and solid visuals but little else. There’s not too much that’s bad, not too much that’s good but a whole lot of meh.

Animation: 9/10 – Very creative and reminiscent of Shaft. These sorts of techniques are used in place of censors (for the most part) if it’s very gore-y and i actually enjoyed it. The last few episodes were really creative in terms of visuals. The opening themes were really stylish and definitely pricey on your computer (the first OP is roughly about 78MB, most animes have OPs ranging from 20-50MB..). If anything, this series really knows how to blend creativity well with fluid animation. Director worked on BakaTest and ef – a tale of memories/melodies, so that’s probably why this show looks very familiar of a Shaft series.

Story: 7/15 – Episode 1 is just one big troll to turn away most people who are inherently against fanservice. The next few episodes start off well but afterwards things are just so rushed that it makes it hard to sympathize with many of the characters. Everything is badly paced to fit such a tight schedule for a series that has more than 6 volumes out of light novel material. The last two episodes start to tell a story, but once again the pacing kills this series. I’m not sure of a second season is even worth it.

Sound: 7/10 – Solid Opening themes, while the ending themes are also okay for the most part. The voice acting is pretty good, especially Yukari Tamura as Fear. She can go from sweet loli to a murderous intent in a heartbeat and it didn’t once feel awkward or forced. That was one thing i really liked about this show.

Characters: 12/20 – Okay, but nothing amazing either. Of everyone i really liked Fear (for her evil side) and Kirika. With such bad pacing in this series, the character development is one of the casualities.There were some okay moments, but i really can’t remember anything else about this series only 2 months after it finished airing..

Enjoyment: 26/45 – C3 is the very definition of generic if you take away the animation. It had a great premise, but 12 episodes wasn’t enough to cover such a topic. Everything about this show doesn’t stand out at all and it really is a forgettable series. Nothing too bad to stay away from, but there’s really nothing to praise either.


2 thoughts on “C3 Review: 62.5/100

  1. I think a 62 might even be a tad high, but then again I might just be a harsh reviewer. The only thing this show has going for it is the quality of it’s animation. Then again though, all shows now-a-days have atleast decent animation. Otherwise, this show is complete and utter crap. I think I might even be doing a disservice to crap by bringing it down to this shows level. Not worth a watch IMO.

    • I know what you mean, but still for me 60 range is “decent” which is what C3 is: generic, but decent. There are alot of series that have not-so good animation, but C3 was really well put together in that aspect. It felt very much like a Shaft series but again that’s really all it had.

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