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Fate/Prototype – 01

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Well, this is interesting. A “what-if” short OVA about the origins of Fate/Stay night if Saber was to be male and the main character was to be female. Even if this was a very short “trailer” of sorts, i actually quite enjoyed seeing a new perspective on the Fate/series waiting for part 2 of Fate/Zero and almost complete with the F/SN visual novel. What we have here is Ayaka Sajou (Kana Hanazawa) who’s father and sister fought in the Holy Grail Wars in the past. She feels that she’s too inexperienced to participate in the war, but that doesn’t stop Lancer (Kazuya Nakai) and Faan Sakureido (Takehito Koyasu) from trying to drag her into it. Much like Shirou’s accidental summoning of Saber, we see almost the exact same thing unfold with a impressive entrance by Saber (Takahiro Sakurai). Tons of screenshots below the fold!

It also looked really well-animated and having watched the credits (with some degree of knowing certain japanese kanji), i figured out that Lerche produced this OVA. A little surprising as they worked on Carnival Phantasm (which i saw part of) and MajiKoi (which i saw none of) and the latter was criticized for weak animation. Perhaps having Type-Moon actually assist with some of the animation gave this OVA a bit of a quality upgrade, but honestly this made me more excited for Fate/Zero’s second half and to finish Heaven’s Feel on F/SN. But, it’s a real treat not for just the Type-Moon fans but for those who have really enjoyed what the Fate/series has to offer, i highly recommend watching this.



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