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Inu x Boku SS – 03


Short Summary: An episode centered on Ririchiyo’s past with her reasons of being a proto-tsundere. Soushi tries his best to work with Ririchiyo but her confusing personality keeps him at a distance. Ririchiyo attends her first day of high school, in the same class as Karuta. An upcoming party at the Ayakashi Mansion and some new characters arrive after the ending.

Thoughts: Another solid episode of Inu x Boku. I’m really starting to love Ririchiyo given the circumstances that she’s in and we see a different side of Soushi than his usual “ojo-sama~” attitude. I’m not sure if Ririchiyo can even be called a tsundere, as it’s been shown to be nothing more than a cover-up to her real lonely personality (her father is an ass!). I was a little shocked that she actually threw water on herself as a sort-of apology, i wasn’t expecting that at all. Having Karuta in the same class as Ririchiyo will be interesting to see, are they the only unique people at the school?

Regardless the production values are quite solid and a nice ED song by Rina Hidaka (Ririchiyo). Preview shows another duo entering the Ayakashi Mansion, i can’t wait for their proper introduction!

Score: 4/5

As soon as the red-haired guy said “Karuta”, yeah that was definitely Mamoru Miyano (aka Taichi from Chihayafuru, you know a game about..Karuta.)


2 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS – 03

  1. reading your thoughts makes me hate myself for not having the time to watch this. plus, knowing that Miyano Mamoru’s in this episode, i seriously need to watch this now!! XD

  2. This show is getting much better I think. I thoroughly enjoy every episode that comes out. I would not call Ririchiyo-sama a tsundere because, like you said, she is just lonely and uses her attitude to hide her hurt and loneliness.

    When I was reading the blurbs about this on Cart Diver (charts), I thought this sounded like a dumb show. But it defies my previous expectations and is turning into a little gem of a series.

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