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Area no Kishi – 04

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Short Summary: Kakeru continues to refuse to play soccer after the accident, but once again “Grey” challenges him to a game taking advantage of his weakness. Grey is revealed to be Seven and tells Kakeru that Suguru asked her to challenge him to use his left leg. He runs home and into Suguru’s room when he finds his diary on the table. He reads it and finally understands the meaning of why Suguru gave Kakeru his heart: he had found the knight of the penalty area, his brother. Kakeru is determined to use his second chance at life to achieve the dream that his brother wanted.

Thoughts: was better than i thought. The first half was completely awful as i thought with the weird spooky music and even the doctor saying that people that get heart transplants receive that person’s personality as well (though she did say it wasn’t scientifically proven). But the second half with regards to Kakeru reading Suguru’s diary was well done. It was believable and it was a great reason for him to start playing soccer again. I honestly felt the emotions during that scene. Now if the entire episode was like that, i could rate this much higher. When Seven described the ball kick to the speeding car i was just shaking my head in disbelief. It’s still a decent series, but there’s enough room for it to grow stronger. Can the staff pick themselves up from the botched supernatural attempts in a soccer anime or will they resort to the usual tricks?

Score: 3/5


One thought on “Area no Kishi – 04

  1. i have to agree with what you said about this episode. it was fairly good but the idea of “people that get heart transplants receive that person’s personality as well” was pretty weird and funny. lol.
    also, when Kakeru read Suguru’s diary and decided to go back to playing soccer practically made this episode interesting 😀

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