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Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – 05

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Short Summary: A flashback to Natsume’s middle school days, from his perspective and that of Ogata Yuriko. She had visited a shrine when she saw a sleeping Natsume and tried to wake up only for him to get startled and kicked her. Afterwards, Ogata gets to learn more about Natsume and the youkai that attacked him on the day she met him. The youkai was only interested in taunting Natsume, there was no curse or threat of death to be made because the youkai didn’t like him. His role was to protect the shrine and to take a suffering meant for a human, like protecting Ogata from being hit by a car in the present day. Natsume says that he had a great time there and he wishes Ogata the best.

Thoughts: This is that episode of Natsume that is just so beautiful to watch. It was very nice to know that there was someone who honestly cared about Natsume back then, and it was painful to see him getting blamed for the broken glass and i really was touched that Ogata tried to defend him. Of course, he’s so darn nice and takes the blame but at that moment i could tell she truly cared about him. I honestly think this is the closest this series will get to romance and for those who are itching for a romance aspect, look somewhere else. This is a magnificent series and most of the time romance isn’t even portrayed well at all (in my opinion). To be able to keep a smile after all the pain of moving from each home (the subs even mentioned the caretaker with an alcohol-like smell, ugh poor Natsume!) and dealing with the youkai, i envy you Natsume. This show can really go on forever even if the manga were to stop, as some of the anime-only episodes (like last season’s with the fox child) are just as great as the manga ones. I really hope it keeps going, honestly this show deserves it so much and though this may be technically a shoujo series, as a guy this is my all time favorite series. Hate me 😀

Score: 5/5


One thought on “Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – 05

  1. It was nice seeing a flashback of Natsume’s Junior high school life,considering how most of the flashbacks in the show is either of his Elementary school life or of Reiko, his grandmother. It was interesting how overblown the rumors of him were, saying how he beat other kids and such.

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