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Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 05

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Short Summary: An assassination of the Japanese Defense Minister spurs Hibiki and co. set out to retrieve the Durandal relic, yet things get complicated when the girl in the Neushtan armor, Chris, shows up.

Thoughts: Wow, it looks like Ryoko is more than just some horny lesbian scientist! Is she possibly the blonde chick with the really horrible english from the first part of the episode? It looks like it, because her demeanor during Hibiki and Chris’ fight seems to suggest so and the blood on the briefcase she was holding was being hold by the defense minister before the assassination. I’m kinda annoyed if she turns out to be the big bad, as it’s typical for the comic relief character or the silliest character to turn out evil. But it does give me another good reason to keep watching Symphogear, how will the staff portray the symphogear and the noise relationship, and who is pulling the strings? A good thing about Symphogear is the storytelling: having Miku crying over Hibiki’s grave in episode 1, plus the death of Kanade and the near death of Tsubasa means this series is going to really drive up the Madoka comparisons, in a way that’s of praise.

There’s alot to dislike about Symphogear as well, and the really horrible english is one of many things to be annoyed by. I kinda have a feeling that it was done on purpose, because if Miyuki Sawashiro (who voices Ryoko) can speak really well in english (as showed here) it must be a creative decision on the director’s part. Another negative factor would be the animation (that car Ryoko was driving looked very CG..), but it has improved steadily in the past couple of episodes and the fight scene this episode was animated pretty well.

Score: 3/5

Sorry for my late posts, it’s been a pretty busy week for me. If you’re wondering, i’ll be posting up an impression of Black Rock Shooter very soon. As my present, here’s a longer review post than usual!


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