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Black Rock Shooter – 01


Short Summary: Kuroi Mato (Hana Kanazawa) is a cheerful girl entering her first year in middle school. She meets Yomi Takanashi (Miyuki Sawashiro), a reserved and timid person and they soon become friends. But when Kuroi visits Yomi’s home she is confronted by Kagari Izuriha (Eri Kitamura), a sadistic and hostile girl in a wheelchair. In another world, Black Rock Shooter is confronted by Chariot – the alter ego of Kagari who shares her other self’s sadistic nature, mercilessly beating Black Rock Shooter at any chance she can.

Thoughts:  If i’ve made any mistakes anywhere, let me know. I honestly know nothing of the background behind Black Rock Shooter, only that it was started as a music video by supercell featuring vocals by the vocaloid Hatsune Miku. Of course having these two perform the OP is a no-brainer, but i didn’t like the vocals at all (i’m really not into vocaloid music). Moving on to the actual story, it was painful and frustrating to see Kuroi getting verbally and mentally abused by Kagari in the real world and physically abused in the other world as BRS. Of course to balance out such a dark and gloomy atmosphere, we have the school life setting and for the most part it works out okay.The animation is also pretty good, though it is much more pretty in the other world. Overall, while i’m not blogging this very short 8 episode series – and even though Thursdays are crowded – i’m still going to watch this. I’m always interested with original series and whether they can be a success (Ano Hana) or suffer many setbacks (Guilty Crown).

Opening Theme (as the ED):
Black Rock Shooter by supercell feat. Hatsune Miku

Blogging Odds: Zero.
Watching Odds: Definitely. Only 8 episodes!


2 thoughts on “Black Rock Shooter – 01

  1. Hmm, very interesting. I didn’t know that it started as a music video, I’ve only heard of the OVA. I am blogging this series and I have pretty high hopes for it just based off this first episode. Wasn’t the best, but it caught my interest for sure.

  2. Your information seems correct. BRS was first a Vocaloid song produced by Supercell. A music video was then produced, which showed the prototypes of BRS and the Otherworld. The next production was a 50-minute OVA animation, which is now the “original” storyline. A PSP game version of BRS was produced after the OVA, but its storyline is radically different and so it is not BRS canon. Finally, we now have this anime adaptation, which is evolving on the original storyline.

    The anime, as I see it, is phenomenal. It’s incredibly bizarre, and it is certainly not a happy story, but it’s extremely well-done. That being said, I’m a huge fan of the BRS OVA and of other darker stories like Elfen Lied and Higurashi, so it’s no wonder that I’m enjoying this show so much.

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