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Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – 06

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Be warned, these screenshots are “Nyatsume” heavy. You’ll see what i mean..

Summary: Natsume discovers a bottle in his room, which he suspects a youkai who threw it. Nyanko-sensei comes and while finding a tiny Natsume explains that it is a youkai bottle which cannot be opened by anyone except the owner of the bottle and no human is able to see the contents of it. Nyanko-sensei decides to transform into Natsume and while the primary goal is to find the owner of the bottle, many funny moments arise from the “sudden change in personality” (as described by his friends) with the real Natsume pleading with “Nyatsume” to be more polite and kind, much to comedic effect. However, Tanuma easily figures out that Nyatsume isn’t the real Natsume and joins in on the search for the bottle owner, and when Tanuma locates a shrine…(continued next episode)

Thoughts: Well, that was certainly unusual. Comedy in my heartwarming Natsume? I’ll be damned! But this show turns anything it touches into pure gold, and in this case it was comedic gold. Nyatsume pretty much tarnished Natsume’s reputation by sniffing Sasada, extracting information out of Nishimura and Kitamoto and having a second bowl of rice. But there was a more somber feel, when Natsume said “the more i become closer to people, the more scared i get” and even pleaded with Tanuma to throw him away. This season, along with the last one has really emphasized Natsume’s growth and I really do enjoy how it’s been portrayed. Natsume still has his doubts, but both people and youkai have been slowly opening his heart. It’s good to see Tanuma getting more spotlight, he’s definitely an interesting character: someone who can also see youkai (though faintly), but this episode showed him actually witnessing the youkai in clear sight. I’m very curious to see how that happened and judging by the preview, it looks like he along with Nyatsume (and Natori?) will have to infiltrate the party at the shrine.

Score: 4/5


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