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Blogging Update 1: Your Feedback

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Just in case you didn’t know: the complete Winter Schedule has been made into a page. That’s also where Spring’s will be as well. Preview for Spring is still TBD but likely late March.

Why I am making this short post is to let you guys know that I will be posting episode posts a day or two later than usual. So that means Inu x Boku and Symphogear will be late. For Natsume and Ano Natsu: next two Mondays will be on time as I have no school on either days, but after that those two will be delayed. As a result, the posts will have much more thoughts and other written commentary as I feel that there’s been not enough thoughts and a slight too many pictures.

Do you agree or disagree with my decision? Any other things I should or shouldn’t do? Please let me know by replying to this post.

Thanks to you guys, the site has reached 5,000 views!


One thought on “Blogging Update 1: Your Feedback

  1. I definitely agree with your decision to delay your episode posting a day or two. There are tons of anime blogs out there which specialize on giving quick summaries the minute an episode comes out. The fact that you want to move towards more of your own thoughts and written commentary suggests that taking more time to write your posts in the best way to do things.

    I certainly find posts that give more of the writer’s individual opinion more interesting that a post just summarizing the episode. Since there are tons of threads on MAL and anime forums about an episode’s plot, I find it kind of redundant to read another summary.

    Just my thoughts thought. Keep up the great work, and I’ll look forward to following your blog from time to time 😀

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