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Inu x Boku SS – 05

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Short Summary: Kagerou Shiraiin (Tomokazu Sugita) appears as it is revealed that he was the former master of Soushi and the current master of Karuta. What is also revealed is that he is the fiance of Ririchiyo, which she flat out denies. Sorinozuka comments that Ririchiyo loved writing letters to a certain male, but she again denies it though a series of flashbacks reveals that she does enjoy writing.

Thoughts: That was..short. Just as Kagerou was introduced, he suddenly leaves for a trip. He definitely was really funny with his constant perverted antics, just one look at Karuta’s S&M outfit and Nobara has HNNNGHed her way into nirvana for a lifetime. Though I was a bit disappointed at how quickly Kagerou left, his farewell to the “sex toys” was a riot. For a while, I didn’t think Tomokazu Sugita was voicing him but a quick look at the credits confirm it.

I honestly still find this series fun to watch, and poor Watanuki as he remembers how Natsume and Kagerou treated him. The cast still works really well goofing off and yet showing they can still be very serious, as showed this episode with Nobara’s…ice-cold personality towards Kagerou. There was some more Ririchiyo flashbacks this episode, as she was writing love letters to presumably Kagerou, though it was quite funny to see her deny it repeatedly.

Now of course, I still feel that Inu x Boku ought to be giving us some more Soushi backstory because he is one of the weakest characters of the show. I actually was slightly annoyed by his overprotective attitude this episode, even if it was toned down quite a bit. But next episode seems to be advancing on the Karuta/Watanuki pairing quite a bit, I hope that if the series won’t provide a solid plot that it will keep me entertained.

That ED was hilarious, listing the staff by “S” or “M”. Square Enix is a sadist, apparently. David Production is a M, with “orz” listed next to it.

Score: 3.5/5

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