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Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 06

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Warning: don’t click on the blue links in the “Thoughts” section if you haven’t watched Guilty Crown up to the latest episode, you’ll understand why. This is part of a rant on Guilty Crown, and somehow a defense of Symphogear. Yeah, i’m pretty tired today. Long-ish post below.

Short Summary: Tsubasa recovers from her swan song aimed at Chris. She understands from Kanade that she has to let go of her hatred towards Hibiki. Meanwhile, Hibiki is finding it harder to keep her Symphogear powers a secret from Miku. At long last, however, Hibiki realizes her conviction to protect the ones dearest to her and launches her Symphogear to save Hibiki from a falling car that Chris threw.

Thoughts: Symphogear, you’re like the imouto of Guilty Crown: your pacing is atrocious, your characters are one note and your animation is not quite as developed as your older brother but gosh darn it, you’re much younger (read: less episodes) and so adorable!

..Okay I admit that was a really weird analogy. But for a english translation: like Guilty Crown, Symphogear’s plot suffers from pacing issues, the characters are pretty 2D and even the animation is worse than GC. So why do i like it more then? It’s a good trainwreck (something GC can’t even do right) and it’s only 12 episodes. Obviously, 12 episodes of fail is much better than 22 (not like anyone wants to watch either). Symphogear’s level of trainwreck is more enjoyable than her older brother because it’s not as harmful and rage-inducing: we haven’t seen anyone from Symphogear being killed only to be revived a few episodes later, the entire cast isn’t the brighest but they didn’t start out as total morons and end up being douchebags with a god complex who have to be hand-held by other people to lead a school out of a crisis.  Symphogear does have slightly better characters and there’s a good amount of development to honestly care about any of them rather than some one-note “best friend” character being killed off in a way that’s supposed to elicit some emotion from the viewer.  What Symphogear does right is essentially just as wrong as Guilty Crown only it’s more laughable than painful, more rushed as opposed to using 22 episodes in a timeslot that’s only been known to hold only 11 and totally wasting each episode with pointless fanservice or Shu angst.

So basically, now is the actual episode thoughts: Tsubasa seems to have made up with Hibiki, which is good as I’m glad the staff didn’t drag out the Tsubasa emo levels any further. It was a bit abrupt, but honestly with what limitations this series have I’m willing to overlook them. What I can’t overlook (for now) is Miku’s character. She feels very one-note and annoying, but it’s pretty much a given that she’s going to be getting Symphogear powers quite soon. As noted by a lot of people, Hibiki’s battle signing is bad. I’m not sure if Aoi Yuuki is purposely making herself sound bad (I hope not), but it’s become more of a distraction as Tsubasa’s been recovering from her swan song attack against Chris and thus less Nana Mizuki. I do hope we get more info on Ryoko and if she’s really the woman that’s abusing Chris as she’s the most interesting character on this show as of now. Whatever happens, it’s coming to an end soon and my hope is that Symphogear will be able to salvage something – anything – for a decent finale, if it’s even too much to ask.

Score: 2.5/5



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