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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 06

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Alright, i’m going to blog this one: even if it’s a comedy and it’s kinda dumb to explain the jokes i’ll just throw out my views of each skit, so this post is going to look a lot different then the usual as it uses short skits and such.

High School Boys and the Holy Night:

Thoughts: Meh, it was okay but to start off with this skit isn’t really a wise idea. I did like the ending though, poor Hidenori though. I think this show needs some more Tadakuni, though preferably not as a trap.

Score: 2.5/5

High School Boys and the New Semester:

Thoughts: Another weak one, but the end was hilarious. That teacher..was she purposely trolling the guys? At least these skits know how to end well. Once again we get another well-known seiyuu getting a small role, Yuki Kaji as the megane character.

Score: 3/5

High School Boys and Little Sister’s Troubles:

Thoughts: Again, weak start but really unintentionally funny ending. Jeez Tadakuni, didn’t even help your imouto at all? I like seeing the student council more and more now, i hope they keep doing more odd jobs.

Score: 3/5

High School Boys and Ringo-chan’s Troubles:

Thoughts: This was actually pretty good. I knew when Ringo was going to the student council room it was going to involve the President. I love how the guys were trying to stall for time, especially Karasawa making cat noises. I think this show really knows how to deliver a good cast, Akira Ishida as the President is just a perfect decision.

Score: 3.5/5

High School Boys and Motoharu’s Troubles:

Thoughts: Now this was the best skit. Karasawa is definitely going neck to neck with Hidenori for being the most funniest character on this show. i loved his compromise with Motoharu on taking the odd jobs by making them pay. Was the “odd jobs” a slight nod to Gintama? That girl looked and sounds just like Yasuna from Kill Me Baby.

Score: 4/5

High School Boys and the Sure-Kill Shot

Thoughts: Hidenori is a BEAST. I thought this may be the worst, but it wasn’t that bad though i was expecting Hidenori to be smacked around by those soccer balls. Another high-profile seiyuu (Nobuhiko Okamoto) and a small role for this one. It’s kind of sad when this show had a better soccer scene than Area no Kishi (a soccer anime), oh well.

Score: 3/5

High School Girls are Funky: The Past

Thoughts: What the hell? Usually the girls’ skit is way more funnier than the boys, but this was kinda meh. I feel bad for Habara, those girls turned on her just like what happened with Motoharu last episode. Takahiro was hilarious, paying your way out of dating someone? That’s genius.

Score: 3/5

Overall Thoughts: By far, the weakest episode. Part of me is glad that it’s only 12 episodes long as I’m afraid a show like this works well only when it’s short and sweet (or raunchy in this case). I think it’s obvious that Karasawa is the dark horse candidate to beat Hidenori as the most funniest character on this show as a lot of the skits were about him. I do hope that Sunrise can deviate a little bit from the manga and start parodying other animes or anime companies, something like the Harry Potter joke in the beginning of the episode. I still like the girls’ segment more than the boys’ combined for some reason: perhaps it’s because the way they act is definitely surprising and some say it’s sexist. I think it’s refreshing to have girl characters that break the norm. Hopefully next episode will deliver some great jokes.

Overall Score: 3/5


One thought on “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 06

  1. I find that Danshi Koukousei is slowly loosing it’s effectiveness with each passing episode. I really only found a few moments truly funny in this episode and they were mainly the parts where something unexpected happened. The skits where it’s very obvious that the punchline is coming just aren’t as funny, and are quite predictable. Takamatsu was able to still keep his humour fresh throughout Gintama, which was probably due to the fact that the setting allowed for so many types of humour (as opposed to just high school centric stuff). I did find the girl’s section especially weak this week (pun). I’d disagree with anyone that thinks their sections are sexist (and believe me, I find stuff like Death Note and Guilty Crown extremely sexist) as I feel it’s mainly to poke fun at common clichés of female characters in high school anime.

    One thing I do really enjoy about Koukousei is that it does a great job at portraying the way high-school boys act (like their laziness and trying to keep their pride). Even if the humour is weak, it still is successful for me as a slice of life series.

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