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Inu x Boku SS – 06

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At this point, if there’s still no plot and i’m greeted by heartwarming and sweet episodes like these then i’m completely satisfied. What this series’ strength is bringing a diverse cast that really works well and part of that charm comes from the episode-by-episode ED theme, this week we have Kana Hanazawa singing. Just put that through your head: Kana. Hanazawa. Singing., you just know it’s going to be a really good episode.

Really, Inu x Boku SS is just that fun to watch. It definitely ought to have some more background on Soushi (who took a backseat this episode), but the way things are going now I honestly don’t mind if the series stays like this. As it stands, i’m afraid there’s the possibility that this series will turn too serious and loose its charms much like fellow David Production series Ben-To, where it was strong but fizzled with a pretty bland ending. My hope is that Inu x Boku either continues on this path of being whimsical and easy-going and maybe allude to much darker things (that may or may not ever happen), or immediately start tackling the serious issues on the 8th episode. I really liked Watanuki even before this episode, and this episode gave me more reason to like him. Being extremely vocal not just to proclaim how much of a troublemaker he is, but to quickly defend Karuta from the negative comments from their classmates. It was just really sweet how he acted towards Karuta and to a lesser degree, Ririchiyo. Indeed, most of the cast never feels forced or like they’re not even trying to be unique. Ironically given all of this sweet talk, was Karuta’s love of sweet foods as demonstrated quite clearly in the ED (“sweets parade”..).

More or less, if i were to rank the current series by pure enjoyment factor as opposed to overall quality, Inu x Boku is definitely in the top 3 with Natsume and Danshi Koukousei. In fact, this is a great example of a series that doesn’t try too hard to please, but it still is able to please many with equal opportunity fanservice, splendid voice acting and rock solid animation without having to resort to plot twists and sensational value. It’s an under-rated series by-far, and I honestly hope there’s going to be a second season. I just love seeing this cast every Thursday!

Next episode, Nobara and Renshou: oh man, this is going to be sweet!

Score: 3.5/5


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