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Ano Natsu de Matteru – 07


This episode proves once again why I love the director. This guy is talented, and he knows how to use cliches and subtle moments of atmosphere changes to create a really powerful mood for the viewer and give us characters that are so damn hard to hate, you’re basically rooting for them all. This could have been a typical episode when the main character stumbles on his feelings for the main romantic interest, but instead i have to praise Kaito for going the next step with his relationship towards Ichika and his character is one of the rare times in a romance series that doesn’t involve being a total wimp or being overly macho. Indeed, my complaint with Kaito is that he feels almost too perfect to be true but I find that more of a compliment than a complaint.  Without Tatsuyuki Nagai’s directing this would just be generic J.C. Staff anime #2525.

So basically, we’ve established most of the couples already: Kaito will be with Ichika (minus one point for Kanna fans) and Tetsuro’s no-response answer to Mio’s declaration gives us our second couple. As for Kanna, she’s most likely going to remain as the third wheel in this series, as Remon’s troll-ishness (?) puts her in her own category to talk about.  I’m glad we’re done with those two girls as they have been the weakest link in the series: to me, they felt more like plot devices to speed up the relationship building between the friends. That’s probably my only complaint i’ve had with this series: each episode has been very rewarding and nothing feels like a wasted opportunity or moment. I honestly have to put this series in the top 3 with Chihayafuru and Natsume Yuujinchou for this month’s monthly summary. It really has established itself as a solid romantic series that really knows how to build its characters and use the most subtle changes to make a lasting impact and create that sense that you really understand these characters almost as if we the viewer are part of the show itself.

Anyways, this was a really nice end to the two-parter vacation episode: there was no beating around the bush, we’ve got our love interests established, we have our outer-galactic problems to face and Remon is still being a troll. Yeah, i can honestly say that Ano Natsu has really used its 12 episode limitation quite well – as stated before, no episode has felt unnecessary or crammed with too much information. This series meticulously pays attention to every small detail it can find.

Score: 4/5

P.S: I really want the full version of the ED. Can’t stop listening to it and Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari. It comes out on February 29th..


2 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru – 07

  1. Kanna and Lemon will get together in the end, I know it. Oh man that would be so great!!!
    I feel like at the end of the series Ichika and Kaito will finally kiss then she’ll just be like… “welp gotta go now back to my planet…by the way I’m an alien, bye.” Or something along those lines.

    • Ahahah, give her some more of that “energy” drink and Kanna might actually do that. I don’t think that will happen, but somehow it wouldn’t really surprise me.

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