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Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 07

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Miku you’re right up (or down) there with Guilty Crown’s cast for being utterly inept and annoying. Really, you know it’s sad when i actually have to defend Hibiki (the annoying genki girl) against Miku’s stupid reason to suddenly say “well, we can’t be friends anymore!”. Her reasoning for suddenly breaking off her friendship with Hibiki was not only quite stupid, but very much forced indeed. But at this point, the bigger picture doesn’t involve her but rather Hibiki and the rest of the symphogear users (and a brand new one gets introduced this episode). Or my hope is that episode 1 was just a big troll and Hibiki (perhaps) doesn’t use her swan song and everything else gets resolved nicely. Yeah, what I hope and what will happen are just two completely different things but I can hope, can I?

Besides my Miku raging, i really liked how Chris (no i’m not using Kurisu, i’ll be reminded of that series..) was developed this episode with Fine’ totally throwing her away and Chris starting to believe Hibiki’s words of friendship. I think it’s quite obvious she’s going to be on the good guys’ side, and hopefully we don’t have to suffer the possibility that Miku will become a Symphogear user. Now the other big change that happened this week was Tsubasa’s return to the battlefield to support “her comrade” now realizing how important it is to keep living. Yes, it sounds cheesy and very cliche and that’s exactly what it is. But, it’s refreshing to see one angsty character make a change for the better, if only Miku would have been more understanding of Hibiki’s position of not being able to tell her about what’s been going on.

Fine’/Ryouko’s sudden reveal of yet another symphogear and Genjuurou’s talk about the “ancient relics” makes me quite curious as to how this series will wrap up these plot elements in 13 episodes (last week i stated the series was 12 episodes, now it’s 13.). Of course, I honestly don’t expect a whole lot of wrapping up from this series but as long as it has a focus on something, anything at this point is acceptable, I have hope that Symphogear can pull of a last-minute rescue from the depths of sheer mediocrity.

Score: 3/5


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