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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 07

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As expected, the latest episode of Nichibros definitely rebounded from last week’s weakest episode to being what you’d expect from this series by now. The first skits were pretty good, but once again its the Literature Girl skits that totally had me in stitches from start to finish. Her and Hidenori are a perfect comedy duo, and while i certainly felt bad for her it was Hidenori who was trying so desperately to not laugh, only the exact opposite happened.

Now that’s not to say the other skits were weak, well some of them were but anything involving the literature girl is going to be utterly hilarious and this skit delivered the jokes perfectly. I also really enjoyed the Mitsuo skits especially when the guys were STILL talking crap about Mitsuo when he was standing right next to them! I found the older brothers and the careers skits to be pretty funny, especially seeing the return of the teacher from last episode come back and this time she’s on the end of being trolled by the class to hilarious effect. Another new character was introduced, Hidenori’s brother Yuusuke voiced by yet another really well known seiyuu, Takahiro Sakurai.

The bigger disappointment this week was the high school girls’ skit: It just wasn’t as funny as weeks prior. While it’s refreshing to see girls in this series being portrayed as vicious and outright rude, it’s starting to turn into a “double-edged sword” with everyone but Habara acting like a bunch of jerks, ironically having to call in a friend to make them more cuter by playing dumb.

High School Boys and Gags: 3/5

High School Boys and Indoor Adventures 1 & 2: 3/5

High School Boys and Older Brothers: 3.5/5

High School Boys and As We Are: 5/5

High School Boys and Careers: 3.5/5

High School Boys and Mitsuo-kun 1 & 2: 4/5

High School Girl Power: 3/5

Overall Score: 3.5/5


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