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Inu x Boku SS – 07

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For an episode that featured Nobara and Sorinozuka, this felt more like it actually focused on Ririchiyo and Soushi. While it was somewhat amusing to find out that the youkai weren’t dangerous at all, I did feel that Soushi finally started to annoy me slightly with his completely servant-like attitude towards Ririchiyo, going so far as to once again stating “If I can’t protect you, my life has no meaning”. I do agree with some bloggers that seeing these two aren’t as fun as seeing Watanuki and Karuta, or in this episode Nobara and Sorinozuka.

I think with this episode, we’ve established the entire Ayakashi Manor guests and this show seems to be moving on to the more plot-specific points, particularly Soushi’s past. While it’s a good thing that we’re finally going to see some real plot, the fluff in this series is just too hard to dislike. Karuta’s ending song “sweets parade” sums up how i’m a sucker for really funny and likeable characters to the point where I could care less if there’s going to be a real plot or not. But no offense to Soushi, who I do find somewhat likeable, but he’s starting to get on my nerves. It wasn’t a big deal before, specifically because we didn’t see much of him in the past 2 or 3 episodes. But now that the focus is back on the plot (Soushi), I just hope Ririchiyo is able to finally muster up the courage (and without showing her fake tsundere attitude) to tell Soushi how she really feels about him.

But there was a lot of good things this episode: for one, the animation. It looked really surreal and that was a great way to convey the mansion being attacked by a youkai. I still enjoy seeing the rest of the cast, particularly Watanuki and Karuta. It was cute of Watanuki to use that “delinquent” facade to justify breaking a barrier to protect Karuta, though the bunny troll Zange wouldn’t let him leave, complete with illustrations and weird engrish. I’m starting to appreciate Sorinozuka a lot more: his deadpan attitude with seeing a potentially dangerous youkai enter the mansion and the scene with Nobara and Chino without suspecting something further was quite hilarious. I still think that Inu x Boku SS still has its charms, but Soushi ought to be getting an episode devoted to his background soon or my patience for him may run out.

Score: 3.5/5

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