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Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 08

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This was actually a decent episode of Symphogear: it made me hate Miku less, more Genjuurou, more Chris and some really nice fighting scenes. Of course, there’s still the problem of the animation effort but quite frankly I was able to overlook that and enjoy an actually worthwhile episode of Symphogear.

From episode one, we know that Hibiki dies as shown by her gravestone. The obvious answer is that she used her swan song, but I’m thinking that something else was the cause but that’s for much later to think about. What we can definitely think about right now is Miku more than likely getting a Symphogear power herself, now that head man Genjuurou has gone soft on not punishing Hibiki and/or Miku for the latter’s exposure of witnessing two symphogear users. There’s been a steady decrease in Ryoko/Fine’ scenes, I do hope she’s the last boss of this series and using her overseas connections may try to find a way to steal or replicate the other symphogears for her use. I’m glad this episode did a really good job in bringing Hibiki and Miku together, even though personally I wish it didn’t take any episodes at all. More importantly, is Chris going to join the good guys? It looks like that’s the case but with this show, nothing is ever certain.

As a whole, Symphogear has been quite mediocre in every aspect sans the music. But, if we get more episodes like these that at least try to devote some time to rock solid character development, then I will safely say that this wasn’t a series that completely wasted my time in the long run.

Score: 3/5


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