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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 08

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Well, this was another meh episode of Nichibros: as a whole, there was more funnier skits but these were some REALLY short skits, but the addition of another high school girls skit was probably worth it. That’s not to say this episode was as bad as episode 6, every skit was at least a 3/5 this episode, but we haven’t come back to the more funnier days of Nichibros and hopefully this will change  soon.

I do think this was a slight improvement from last episode, especially both of the high school girls skits. I wonder why these skits were much shorter, though I think this was actually a good idea for being fast and hilarious skits. The weakest skit was probably the first one, where it really didn’t make any sense until the end which was nothing more than a mere chuckle. There were, however, three really good skits: Horoscopes (bee kiss), 100 (censored creatures) and Ramen (So, who are you?). The first was really hilarious from start to finish, but for me it was a bit creepy to see a huge bee on Hidenori’s face and I was both creeped out and laughing from that bee kiss, and having Motoharu and Karasawa show up was a pretty good decision. Of the second, it was still the ick factor but the use of pixeling those weird creatures (centipedes?) was absolutely brilliant. The last one was much more impressive, because it was shorter than Horoscopes and a type of skit I expect to see from the high school girls. Going through all of that, and Nago doesn’t even know her. I think having two girl skits ought to be the norm, as they’re usually hilarious and this episode proved that.

Overall, this wasn’t a really good month for Nichibros but there’s still time to pull itself up again. Now, can we get some more Tadakuni? Poor guy is being left out of the spotlight, overtaken by Hidenori and Yoshitake.


High School Boys and Motoharu’s Sister: 3/5
High School Boys and Mitsuo’s Worries: 3.5/5
High School Boys and Manga: 3/5
High School Boys and Balconies: 3.5/5
High School Boys and Convenience Stores: 3.5/5
High School Boys and Towers: 3.5/5
High School Boys and Cakes: 3.5/5
High School Boys and Horoscopes: 4/5
High School Boys and 100: 4/5
High School Girls – Ramen: 4/5
High School Girls – Skirts: 3.5/5

Score: 3.5/5


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