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Ano Natsu de Matteru – 08

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Comedy, drama, romance and sci-fi were all blended tremendously well in this episode of Ano Natsu that really brings Ichika’s identity of a alien to the forefront. This is a series that puts so much detail into everything and not have to suffer from bad pacing or cheap montages. Kaito had his Crowning Moment of Awesome in this episode by far, in fact everyone can really like this episode except for the Kanna fans…poor girl gets screwed no matter what.

I think this was the perfect time to bring up the whole matter of Ichika being an alien and Rinon being more than a cute fluffy dancing leaf thing. We’ve already established Kaito and Ichika as a romantic pair and Tetsurou/Mio is looking more and more of a reality, which leaves Kanna as a mix of third wheel and friend-zoned. It’s pretty sad for that to happen, as every Ano Natsu character is extremely likeable in my eyes. How I can see the ending is one of four ways, styled by “ends”.

A) Ichika leaves Earth abruptly for some unknown reason, leaving Kaito to “wait in that summer” (aka, part of the series’ title), a summer that will never come back. Kanna has a possibility to hook up with Kaito here. Bad End for Kaito x Ichika, potential normal to good end for Kaito x Kanna.

B) Ichika stays on Earth with Kaito in exchange for Remon and/or Rinon’s departure. Kanna has no shot at anyone’s affections and is relegated to the supportive character. Good End to potential True End for Kaito x Ichika, bad end for Kanna.

C) Ichika leaves, but it is more formal and planned out with the relationship with Kaito ends as “I’ll be waiting in that summer”, his fond remembrance of a summer he’ll never forget but never relive either. Normal End for everyone minus Kaito x Ichika.

D) Ichika stays on Earth and with Kaito romantically, Kanna supports her friends’ endeavors to her very best. Everything goes back to the way it was once more. Normal End for Kanna, Good End for everyone else.

Honestly, I have no clue which one it could be or if it’s even one of the above choices, but it really doesn’t look good for Kanna no matter what scenario she’s in. With four more episodes, anything can happen and I have supreme trust in director Tatsuyuki Nagai as he’s truly shown how to grasp real life issues with a tinge of supernatural like in Ano Hana. I’m not personally “shipping” any couple, but that’s not to say I dislike any of them. Kaito really showed how badass he can be, going so far as to use a stick against some really scary alien that Rinon sent on accident with expected results. Was it stupid? Yeah, but it was a really nice firm statement by Kaito as to how much he cares for Ichika. Job well done Kaito, you are a bright light in the very clouded world in which males from romance series are typically portrayed as completely inept or extremely ridiculous.

Score: 4.5/5


One thought on “Ano Natsu de Matteru – 08

  1. “Job well done Kaito, you are a bright light in the very clouded world in which males from romance series are typically portrayed as completely inept or extremely ridiculous.”

    I’m not (usually) a shipper, but I do like Kanna a lot. So, it was painful to see Kanna’s stunned face as Kaito ran off. Even if Ichika left I don’t think Kaito would be able to reciprocate Kanna. However, it is important to note that even though Kaito ran off to ‘save’ Ichika (which was before she was in actual danger, but he didn’t know that), he shoved his flashlight into Kanna’s hands and told her to stay put. He may love Ichika and not Kanna, but that doesn’t mean Kanna is not an important person to him. Whatever, my gut feeling right now is that in the end Tetsurou and Mio will become a pair, Ichika will leave, but Kaito will still see Kanna as only a friend. Certainly a lot can happen in the remaining four episodes and however it works out I’m somewhat expecting an unusual “end”.

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