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Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – 09

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This is yet another two-parter episode which I feel is the series’ weakest episodes mainly because they aren’t as emotionally powerful as the single episode ones. But come on, who DOESN’T want to see Natsume in drag?

The focus is on Natori as he is assigned to dispel a powerful youkai who takes part in a battle with another powerful youkai every ten years, but his close youkai acquaintance Hiiragi suspects that he’s been set up. Natsume, of course, decides to help by pretending to be the youkai while Natori and the others look for the real one. I really like Natori, sparkles and all, as he brings a real light-hearted feel to this series and why i managed to like season 2 more than I should have. This is yet another episode that shows a potential path Natsume could take, in fact this entire season has stressed the difficult choices Natsume has to make with regards to both youkai and fellow human alike.

I do think that this two-parter really started off quite solid with a really nice introduction to the problems at hand and showing a bit more of perspective completely independent of Natsume. The main problem with series like these are the points of view: I can honestly say that Natsume’s point of view is quite solid, but for a long time this series has only stressed his own POV, and not of the other humans (except Tanuma). So it’s good to see a real standout character like Natori bring another perspective to the human versus youkai debate. This wasn’t the best month for Natsume, but even in its steep lows it still stands above many of today’s series, chalk that up for phenomenal storytelling.

Score: 4/5


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