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Inu x Boku SS – 08

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The folks at David Production must have read my mind, or I actually secretly work there because this episode was a lot of seriousness that revolved around the mysterious Miketsukami and Ririchiyo trying to find out more about him. This was the most plot-laden episode of Inu x Boku SS to date for those who somehow don’t enjoy sparkling bishies, ecchi moments, the different ending themes, etc. pretty much everything else that this show does well, and whined about a lack of plot.

Right from the very beginning, we get Miketsukami being his usual gloomy masochist self. Ririchiyo is desperate (along with us the viewer) to know more about Miketsukami and tries many times to ask him for a simple invitation to have coffee, only to fail in her usual way. Because this was a plot episode, there was much less of the other nicer parts of this series (Watanuki, Roromiya, the jokes, etc.) and more of the weaker elements. But I really felt that this was a nice way to wade into the more serious elements that Inu x Boku hasn’t quite touched upon yet. Just looking at Nobara and Sorinozuka casually talking about breasts, that’s a pretty subtle hint that the relationship with Miketsukami and Ririchiyo is far from being close. It irked me that Ririchiyo kept failing to tell him about the coffee date, but I think that shows how much of a character she is. I don’t think Ririchiyo in this episode had to resort to acting like a tsundere, or I wasn’t paying attention to it. If i’m right, then that’s some really A+ subtle character development going on.

Where does next episode take us? Chiyo’s boobs, really that entire preview was apparently Zange (Watanuki’s SS) touching her boob over a narration. I do think that going back to the more lighter fare is just what this series needs overall, but I do hope that we’ll get one or possibly two more episodes like these near the end (which is 12 or 13 episodes).

Score: 3/5

Was Miketsukami a prostitute or something? O_o



One thought on “Inu x Boku SS – 08

  1. “Was Miketsukami a prostitute or something?” i kind of had the same thought. this episode actually reminded me that i don’t really know Miketsukami other than serving Ririchiyo’s fiance waaaay back then.

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