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Ano Natsu de Matteru – 09

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Pictures to come very soon, especially in light of THAT scene.

This is it..this is by far one of the best confessions in any series I’ve ever seen. Yes I said “series”, because this was much better done than anything live action, scripted or fake. Everything came together this episode: Kanna doing what most characters in her position NEVER do: lashing out at Ichika for being indecisive with Kaito, Remon guiding Kaito to understanding Ichika, the crying scene with Kanna, Tetsurou and Mio..everything was a solid A+ for this episode.

I was worried that Kanna would remain like most people who have feelings for someone, but that someone goes out with another person: by staying silent. But her outburst at Ichika was really magnificent, it was pretty damning to see her accurately accusing Ichika of being indecisive when Kanna herself never even got that chance to begin with. This may sound weird, but the timing between her and Ichika’s back and forth comments was done incredibly well. Meanwhile on the other side, we have Remon of all people helping (?!) Kaito realize how Ichika must feel about all of what has happened and doing something about it. Kaito being the most adorkable character that he is decides to help Ichika in his own way and then that moment every single one of saw coming happened, and boy was that a sight to see (especially for Remon).

I mean, when even Remon gets serious you can already tell this is going to be a very interesting episode. For her to play part-cupid and counselor gave us another look at the ever-so elusive MIB (“That’s obviously a lie! – Kanna and Mio). Right now, though things look very bright, there’s still the question of whether Ichika is going to leave Earth and that is probably the biggest concern right now for this series. Ironically, Tetsurou has yet to admit his feelings for Kanna despite him blurting out Kanna’s feelings for Kaito a while back. I doubt Kanna is the kind of person to accept second prize (no offense to Tetsurou), will this cause a rift with Mio if she turns down Tetsurou? So many questions and only three episodes to go but this series is in the hands of a very talented director who’s managed to stuff so much drama, misunderstandings, sci-fi, comedy, romance and character development and not feel rushed whatsoever. I’m just super excited I didn’t pass up this series, because I would be missing out on one of the best series ever.

Yet this was by far one of the best episode of any anime series I’ve ever seen.

Score: 5/5


One thought on “Ano Natsu de Matteru – 09

  1. “Kanna doing what most characters in her position NEVER do:”
    I haven’t watched a lot of these types of shows, but of those I have the only comparison I can come up with is in Toradora when Kushieda went ballistic on Ryuuji when she found out he and Kitamura had lied to Tiaga about who saved her during the blizzard.

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