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Inu x Boku SS – 09

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Ah, it’s good to see this show go back to what it really does well at. This episode had everything that I really like about this show, and the last minute return of Kagerou was a sign that funnier times are ahead of us. Boob jokes, fanservice, tranny jokes and chibi abuse were quite the norm in this episode. Even though it was a steep departure from last week, I almost always enjoy episodes like these because they really showcase the diversity of the fellow residents.


Of course Kagerou is going to come back with finesse, hijacking the preview and stealing Karuta’s narration. I mean, this guy already took the staff credits and divided them by “S” and “M”…what’s more to say? But this was another one of Inu x Boku’s finest episodes, it has given us sufficient character depth to make it a worthwhile series. It is a bit hollow of a series, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the few shows I actively look forward to each week.  So it’s kind of sad that there’s only going to be 3 more episodes, but my hope is that the last two episodes give us something along the lines of a plot, as next episode continues on with the hijinks.

Well, I still find this show a delight to watch. It suffers from a lack of continuity, some much needed development for Miketsukami and sometimes the fanservice (male and female) gets a bit much for my tastes. But this is a show that has managed to constantly make me excited to looking forward to. Without a strong plot, Inu x Boku excels at the character interactions. Nothing ever feels awkward or forced, and the seiyuu do a great job with their odd roles (you know, Youko Hikasa voicing a raging lesbian?). Oddly, i like Watanuki the most out of all the characters: he’s unofficially a part of the “tsunshun” (thanks for Nobara for clearing that up) club that is lead by Ririchiyo, he’s obviously in love with Karuta and his back and forth banter with Zange is superb. I think he ought to get an ending song for himself. Ririchiyo’s tsunshun behavior is actually quite amusing to watch. Now if Miketsukami would just open up to Ririchiyo…

Score: 3.5/5


One thought on “Inu x Boku SS – 09

  1. with just a few episodes to go, i wonder how this will end since i think that the climax of the story is yet to be shown. next episode perharps? but i sure do hope it won’t be a rush ending 🙂

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