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Ano Natsu de Matteru – 10

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I think J.C. Staff has redeemed themselves a lot with their handling of this series. It’s competent, thoughtful, beautiful and overall such an amazing series – the same cannot be said for the other 99.9% of J.C. Staff’s shows. This was a really great episode that focused on Tetsurou (and to an extent, Kanna), and the staggering change in personality that followed shortly. For Kanna, she finally mustered up the courage to confess to Kaito, knowing full well he’s already with Ichika. Yet it was refreshing to see something like this, it’s rarely ever touched upon. What this show does so well is that it has established such strong character development over a short period of time, that it is impossible to root against any character.

Of course, no Ano Natsu episode would be complete without master troll Remon, going even another step further into god-level troll by handing Kaito a condom, to hilarious results. But besides that, it was another solid episode devoted to working out the relationship chart and Mio definitely made the moves this week, by confronting Tetsurou over his attempts to hide his true feelings and to comfort him after his sort-of confession towards Kanna. I felt that Tetsurou was the weakest character of the show before this episode, his best friend attitude is a facade for something much deeper and how it was handled here was phenomenal. It was surprising to see Mio systematically breaking down Tetsurou to near-tears, while at the same time acting as his support. Mio is definitely angling for Tetsurou more now, assuming Kanna is out of the picture.

I still think Kanna is going to just sit out of the whole relationship picture, leaving Mio and Tetsurou as the second and last couple of the series. I wonder how introducing Ichika’s sister will be dealt with, only two episodes left until the finale.

Score: 4.5/5


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