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The Obligatory 10,000 Views Post + More


Natsume YuujinchouFirst of all, the site has reached 10,000 views! That’s just utterly amazing, when I first started this site in October of last year, I never imagined anything like this would happen. I just really want to thank everyone who’s been to this site, you guys are the reason I haven’t stopped blogging, because it is a very time consuming hobby. Now quite lately posts have been later and later and I even published a post without screen caps (which has been updated now). Believe me when I say this but starting off blogging 6 series was a very big mistake, now having gone down to 4 much more manageable series. I’ve realized that the more shows I was covering the less real analysis and commentary showed up. So for Spring, I will be covering just three series: Fate/Zero 2, Hyou-ka and one of the Thursday series (check the schedule!). I haven’t spoken with -blacksheep much, though I’m hoping she’ll cover Kimi to Boku. 2, whether it’s on both of our sites or not. Another surprise was actually finding someone to blog with me, a complete newbie, so I’m also very grateful for -blacksheep for taking up the position of blogger #2 here. Indeed, things have gone much faster than i predicted and it may be time to slow down a bit. Starting today I’m taking a college class every Wednesday, nothing really major (college pun intended) but starting in Summer i might only blog one or two series as I’ll finally officially start my college career. So i’ve decided to start slowing down now, a much more gradual decrease as opposed to a sudden change in how things will operate. But for now, things are still pretty good, but expect to see the following changes:

-One or two day delays in episode posts
-More reviews like the Ookiku Furikabutte review, if its two seasons i’ll review both but grade separately.
-If for lack of time, a two episode double post will be needed.

Once again, I thank you all for visiting and I do hope you stay, because there’s going to be more to look forward to pretty soon.

Some (interesting) Statistics Compiled by WordPress:

Overall Page Views: 11,104

Top Viewed Posts:

Inu x Boku SS – 01 (888 views)
Kill Me Baby – 01 (what the…?) (715 views)
Hotarubi no Mori e Review (I have much more reviews to be (633 views)
Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – 01 – 379 views
Inu x Boku SS – 02 – 289 views
Spring 2012 Preview – 254 views
2011 in Review Part 2 – 235 views
Nichibros – 01 – 172 views
January Summary – 150 views
Area no Kishi – 01 (so disappointing..) – 150 views

Top Search Terms Leading to The Site:

Inu x Boku SS – 1,126 views (damn!)
Kill Me Baby – 452 views
Hotarubi no Mori e – 304 views
Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – 249 views
inu x boku – 197

Weirdest/Funniest Search Terms:

Kurisutina – (<3)
yuzuru and kanade – (Uhm, Angel Beats?)
okabe kyuubey – (These two would rule the world with ease.)
yuno gundam age – (Emily would have turned into Yuno had Flit gone with Yurin, and I would have been happier if that happened.)
tanuma x natsume – (Of course fujoshi interests would make this list)
nisemonogatari overrated (The whole franchise is, except Katanagatari.)
katawa shoujo captain (Who?)
gundam age is bad – (No it isn’t. It’s better than that abomination called Gundam 00 the Movie and of course DESTINY.)
gundam seed destiny hentai (One of these things is not like the other…)


5 thoughts on “The Obligatory 10,000 Views Post + More

  1. Congratulations on getting your 10,000th view!
    (geez I feel like one of those flashy spammy ads that show up on websites..)

    Gives the rest of us newbie anibloggers some home and inspiration c:

  2. congrats on reaching 10k views! 😀 i was planning to post something like this on my blog as well but i was thinking around my 100th post.
    i’m personally glad to be a part of your blog and i’ll do my best for next season. also, i’ll be glad to cover Kim to Boku S2 for your blog as well(:

  3. Hooray, 10,000 views!

    Yeah, it took a while for me to find out how many series I can realistically blog about on a weekly basis. I also started out with 6 and went down to 3. I’m glad you’ll be covering Hyou-ka since my blogging partner will be posting about that show too.

    Best of luck with your college (or university as we Canadian folk like to call it) class. Hopefully you’ll still have time to blog. Maybe pick fewer shows so you don’t end up dropping some halfway and disappointing everyone?

    • Yeah, i’m going for just three. Maybe I’ll do something like what you do: occasional post, but not a consistent one.

      • I’d actually recommend that you don’t do occasional posts. I stopped doing those a while ago because I found people weren’t reading them as much as my weekly posts. That and most people probably prefer complete coverage rather than something every few weeks. Just a suggestion

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