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Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – 12

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Seriously this week has been scaring the crap outta me, first Mirai Nikki (blood), then Another (more blood) and now the cliffhanger of the latest Natsume episode. Where was this kind of stuff in October?

By far, this has been one of the best arcs of Natsume Yuujinchou. What’s even more amazing is that this is going to be a three part one, as next week’s final episode will focus on Natsume’s trip to his real home. I think for me, this has been the best season so far of this series, as a lot of loose threads with regards to Natsume’s background have been clearing up very fast. It’s good to see the family that raised him still doesn’t view him as weird or hostile, except for the father’s disgusting remark that the Fujiwaras don’t feed him and question their motives for raising him. Besides that little snafu, I have to say that this kind of multi-episode arc works really well when it’s less about the youkai and more on the human aspect of the pain and suffering.

It’s good to see another person’s perspective on the current Natsume, as Yuriko provided back in episode 5. Miyako (who resembles Yuriko quite a bit) doesn’t show the signs of jealousy and misguided anger that her as a child unleashed on poor Natsume, but rather a confused young adult trying to understand Natsume’s issues. I’m glad that she’s grown out of being a demoralizing figure, but like everyone else: she doesn’t understand the real Natsume, and I wonder if any of them will ever know the truth. That’s something that really piques my interest besides knowing more about Reiko, and I think that the manga will end with a degree of uncertainty in Natsume to confide in his friends (assuming he hasn’t told them, I haven’t seen the manga).

I had a feeling the current arc would take up three episodes, but it’s extremely rare to see a three-episode arc in this series. What’s more is that there’s been alot of changes in this season from previous: Natsume’s been confiding in his friends much more often, less of a focus on the youkai and episodes like these. I fear this may be a sign that the show will end next episode, but there’s reason to assume that there will be (at least) one final season to wrap everything up, because if the end is really in sight then I honestly don’t see how it can end well unless another season is announced.

Score: 4.5/5


One thought on “Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – 12

  1. I somehow thought that Miyako was actually the same girl as Yuriko (from ep.5). Even though it would have created some inconsistencies, it would have made her character a lot more powerful if she was the same girl that appeared in ep.5.

    Overall, it was a really great episode as always. I really liked how affected by the youkai Natsume was in this episode. In a sense, the youkai represents all his fears and experiences from his childhood. The youkai’s power is literally to “eat” all the bad people and memories. And now that it has possessed Natsume, it gives him an option to forget everything that has happened to him up until now.

    I have also really enjoyed this season and am hoping that we get at least one more to wrap things up. If the show were to end now, it would leave a lot of things incomplete (like the Matoba clan, Natori, Reiko, etc.). Though like you said, if the producers are going for an open-ended finale (which would go well with all the possible choices Natsume has in his life), then sadly next episode might be the last time we’ll see Natsume 😦

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