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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 09

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As promised, I’m dedicated to finishing the current series ’til the end.

Well, this episode definitely deserves an award for the most radical change in viewer emotions: I was convinced at the beginning of the episode that the best times of Nichibros were coming back and by the end of the episode I was ready to call this the weakest episode so far.

It’s exceedingly rare to see an episode of Nichibros that starts off hilarious from the start. Having Hidenori’s brother come back was a great choice, seeing poor Yoshitake dealing with his psycho sister was pretty hilarious. I felt the next two skits were extremely long and indeed the overall number of skits were down quite a bit. They were good and the final punchline for each were pretty awesome, but it still felt a little too long. Glasses was actually slightly better than both despite the scoring, as I’m pretty biased for Mitsuo and it was the right length with the right punchline. Moving on to the last part of the episode which involved the student council, I had to say it was the best we’ve seen of these guys. Especially in “Panties”, some found it extremely offensive but this is the kind of humor this show does very well. The facial expressions on their face when they were looking up poor Ringo’s skirt was just downright obscenely funny. The last pre-ED skit was kinda..weird. Was the black guy a clear jab at Obama? Seems like everyone doesn’t like Central High’s president.

But damn, the final skit was just so out of place. I get that Habara had a pretty messed up past, but couldn’t it have aired at the beginning of the episode? It was too serious, not even Karasawa’s barfing could save it. It also felt a little too cheesy, but that’s probably just me.Please Nichibros, let 11 and 12 redeem the awesomeness that you once had! It’s not too late for it to happen, you know.
Older Brothers and Sisters: 4/5
Drop-Kicks: 3.5/5
End of Summer: 3/5
Glasses: 3/5
Daily Lives of the Student Council: 3/5
Panties: 4.5/5
Wiring: 3/5
Girls – Archdemon: 1/5

Score: 3.5/5


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