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Ano Natsu de Matteru – 11

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One of my favorite Winter series is ending, and while I’m sad to see it go I’m kinda meh about the alien subplot this show brought to the center in the latest episode.

So, Ichika’s sister Emika (Yui Horie) comes to take her back before things get worse for “Kirishima and the planet”, suggesting some sort of warfare may take place. The whole alien subplot is very weak, when compared to the other awesome aspects of this series. Part of that being because this sort of issue was brushed to the side for a long time and now, the second to last episode it abruptly comes back. Still, Ichika has to get a verbal smackdown from Kanna to finally admit what we had already known – that she doesn’t want to leave the planet or Kaito. Speaking of Kanna, I really understand how she feels: being friend-zoned, all she can do is support the one she still loves with much trepidation.

Finally, Tetsurou indirectly asked Mio out! I was waiting for that to happen, so I’m kind of surprised it happened during the chase scene. Seems like the great chain of relationships has finally completed, with the third wheel (Kanna) already established. Like many others, I think Remon is somehow involved with the MIB, I mean where did she get THAT kind of van from? While seeing the van being turned over shocked me a bit, the preview indicates everyone’s pretty much alright. Something tells me that the gang finds the spot that Ichika’s vision showed but she’s still going to leave anyways, “Waiting in that Summer” for Ichika to return indeed.

You know it’s the end when the final episode is also the name of the series.


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