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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 11

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Finally, an episode of Nichibros that doesn’t disappoint in the slightest, except for STILL not having any Tadakuni involved, though the preview suggests he’ll be back.

Starting off with Fathers, it was a nice little bonding moment with Hidenori’s dad (Rikiya Koyama – Kiritsugu from Fate/Zero) and of course it has to end on a really funny note – “It’s not like we want to be out here!”. Another literature girl segment that didn’t really feature her until the end, but still it was hilarious to see how she actually cares about Hidenori. Conflict took a little while for me to like, but it was funny seeing Yoshitake disguise himself as Karasawa. Kick the Can was another hilarious one, with poor Mitsuo’s Zaku being the brunt of a brutal kick by Hidenori. Chit-chat was kinda meh, until they described Ringo-chan perfectly. Another big name seiyuu in Chit-Chat was Takahiro (Showtaro Morikubo – Yousuke from Persona 4) and his friend (Junichi Suwabe – So many roles). Love Letters was pretty hilarious, I thought Mitsuo actually wrote the letter, but then PLOT TWIST! Now Distance, that was just comedic gold. Yoshitake totally trolled that girl hard, by far one of the best skits in the series. Annoyance was also really good, I’m starting to like Sugita’s roles a lot more than I used to. The girls’ segment was good, seeing Habara question why there’s rules in fighting and the response from Yanagi and Ikushima was pretty funny.

As stated above, I really like how this series is casting some of the really big names in the seiyuu industry, something I really enjoyed seeing in Dog Days, despite that show being much weaker overall. It’s really fun knowing who’s voicing who before I actually check the cast list, it’s good to be an anime fan!

Just a quick run through of some of the well known seiyuu:

Tadakuni – Miyu Irino
Yoshitake – Kenichi Suzumura
Hidenori – Tomokazu Sugita
Ringo-chan – Aoi Yuuki
Hidenori’s brother Yuusuke – Takahiro Sakurai
Mitsuo – Nobuhiko Okamoto
Student Council President – Akira Ishida (he’s in so many roles right now..)

Just look at the list of characters here, and be amazed at how many well known seiyuu are on that list.

Fathers: 3.5/5
Literature Girl 4: 3.5/5
Conflict: 3.5/5
Kick the Can: 4/5
Chit-Chat: 3/5
Love Letters: 4/5
Distance: 4.5/5
Annoyance: 4/5
High School Girls – Conflict: 3/5
Overall Score: 4/5


One thought on “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 11

  1. i just have to agree that this episode definitely doesn’t disappoint. for some reasons, it’s one of the few episodes that really made me laugh all throughout. my fave part has got to be the Kick the Can. lol. && Yoshitake sure is an epic troll in this episode.

    && i can’t wait to see Tadakuni back!! xD

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